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Your profit is my goal! My biggest pleasure is not just Programmatic RTB Display/Video or Digital Marketing, but seeing your profits grow through it. Why not give me a quick call directly for a chat” 
— Navin Shanmugarajan, Senior Director

Over 14 times more profit! Yes, using a combination of 1st-, 2nd-, & 3rd-party data-powered programmatic RTB display/video and cookie-based Retargeting techniques alongside other digital marketing channels, we’ve increased our clients’ profits by over 14 times in just the first year in addition to growing their social engagement exponentially. Want to know how? Read on!

Our cutting-edge technologies for setting up and managing native and non-native Programmatic RTB Display/video Marketing campaigns has been critical for the success of businesses of all types and sizes. In addition, our direct partnership with some of the biggest names in programmatic RTB display and data providers further enhances our performance.


What is Programmatic Real-time Bidding (RTB) Marketing?

Programmatic RTB Display/video advertising is the algorithmic real-time bidding and purchase of advertising space on websites/apps. Thanks to our experience with setting up and managing proprietary Trading Desks: we’re uniquely positioned to multiply your profits and brand value in record time.

Do you need a reliable Programmatic Display Marketing agency to achieve your commercial goals? Directly call our Senior Director, Navin, for a quick, no-obligation chat.

Welcome to 100% Best Programmatic RTB Display Services

To remain competitive at a time when many businesses are struggling to grow their brands, smart business owners are moving their marketing efforts online. In fact, in locations like Sydney, more and more companies are finding that the rewards of investing in programmatic RTB display services are well worth the time and effort required. ...

However, digital marketing is not easy to master. To make the most of your online efforts, it’s crucial that you find a digital marketing firm that can guide you along the way and ensure you’re investing in the proper mediums. Of course, the best way to choose the right online marketing provider is to look at what their past customers have to say about them.

At Blurn, we have spent years building our reputation for providing the Best Programmatic RTB Display Services in Australia. Not only do we customise all our services to fit each client’s needs, but we’ve also dedicated ourselves to remaining at the forefront of Programmatic Display marketing services. And with our extensive knowledge and experience, we can be the partner you need as your business expands into the digital realm.

Programmatic RTB Display Services

By now, most everyone with an internet connection knows what display advertising is. Even in the early days of the web, banner ads and other clickables were utilised by websites, salespeople, and companies in order to direct online traffic to their desired locations.

Today, those locations offer much more precise results, allowing marketers to target niche groups based on their online activity and interaction. This not only helps brands forge stronger relationships with their customer base, but to do so in a way that minimises their budget while maximising their results.

As if this weren’t interesting enough, the growth of technology has actually allowed much of this process to be automated. Indeed, programmatic display advertising is the fastest growing avenue in all of digital marketing. In fact, many of us consider it to be the future of all advertising, be it through television, mobile applications or social media.

What is it and How Does it Work?

When we say “programmatic” advertising, we’re talking about using technology to purchase and sell digital ads. When we use the term “RTB,” we’re referring to “real-time bidding,” which means that the above buying and selling process is done automatically via an “auction” model. But unlike the eBay auctions we are most familiar with, these auctions actually take place in as little as ½ a second.

Indeed, the highest bidder for a particular ad space at any given time will be the one who has their ad displayed. In order to facilitate this sale and purchase, special software is used to replace the slow human negotiation process. Basically, your average Programmatic RTB campaign would look something like what we’ve outlined below:

. You purchase ad space via an online Ad exchange

. You enter your bid on that space against potential competitors

. In the event you are the highest bidder when the page is accessed or refreshed, your ad will be displayed

How Programmatic RTB Advertising Helps Your Business

The first thing you need to understand about Programmatic buying is that it is literally taking over the digital marketing industry. If you were to divide up the entire advertising industry via platform, you’d see a shocking number of brands and marketing firms utilising this methodology. Take a look at the figures below.

. 84% of brands are using PRTB in their display marketing efforts.

· 60% of brands are using PRTB in their mobile marketing efforts.

· 58% of brands are using PRTB in their video marketing efforts.

· 32% of brands are using PRTB in their social media marketing efforts.

And while search marketing and television marketing are much smaller by comparison, trends seem to indicate that it’s only a matter of time before their advertisers, too, fall under the automated spell. Of course, following trends alone is no reason to invest in a particular marketing method. Fortunately, there are a number of other benefits as well. For instance:

· Better Targeting – One of the main benefits of using programmatic solutions is that you can really hone in on your niche audience. Specifically, it allows you to match a viewer’s preferences in real-time, automatically creating ads based on the content they’re viewing as they scroll down the page.

· Better ROIs – Another great feature of programmatic advertising is that its use of AI technology means that the software actually “learns” as it operates. This means that it gets better and better at running your advertisements to target ever more productive niches - thus maximising your ROI.

· Multichannel Options – If you invest in marketing the traditional way, you will only have access to the network offered by the seller you’re working with. A good example of this would be Google Ads. If you were to invest in Google Ads as many companies do, your ads would only be run on websites belonging to people who “opt-in” to the Google Ads services. With Programmatic marketing, you get access to an ever-growing database of networks covering virtually every corner of the digital spectrum.

Why Should You Choose

When it comes to Best Programmatic RTB Display Services in Sydney, you’ll find the number of options for partnerships is increasing dramatically. As the fastest growing avenue of the digital marketing world, it should come as no surprise that more companies than ever are offering programmatic services. In fact, some may even proclaim to be the Best Programmatic RTB Display Services in Australia.

However, if you do any research, it should be clear that this title belongs solely to At our state-of-the-art digital marketing firm, we know how to meet your company’s needs while also making you feel like an important part of the marketing process. Indeed, there are many reasons to invest with us, but we’ll list just a few of them below.

Years of Experience

If you’re going to trust your digital marketing budget to anyone, it should be a team with the experience necessary to maximise your results. At Blurn, we have years of practice helping businesses just like yours make the most of their potential and grow their digital footprints. This means developing strategic, comprehensive digital marketing plans customised to your specific needs.

A Focus on Communication

At Blurn, we feel that communication is a key factor in the success of both our projects and the projects of our clients. That’s why we make clear, transparent communication a staple in our relationships with our customers. Not only will you receive a dedicated account manager, but you’ll enjoy bespoke reporting that condenses data from all of your active campaigns into one easy-to-read report. Of course, if you ever have questions are concerns, you can reach a Blurn representative in no time.

Customised Solutions

Far too many digital marketing firms employ cookie-cutter methods to all of their active clients. In their mind, any online marketing is better than none and all, so why spend resources producing anything beyond the bare minimum? But at Blurn, we firmly believe that quality is more important than quantity. That means we’re committed to customising your Programmatic RTB display advertising to your needs, your audience, your budget and your brand. Rather than attempt to push you into a “one size fits all” campaign, we take the time to design an approach that’s right for you.

Improved Results

In the end, we know that what our clients really come to us for is results. You want programmatic RTB display advertising that gives you instant access to your target audience while constantly improving over time. At, we get you what you need. That’s why we’ve maintained our reputation as the Best Programmatic RTB Display Services in Australia, and while we’ll continue to hold that title for years to come.

Working with

One of the main lessons we’ve learned from all our years in the industry is that far too many digital marketing agencies have lost touch with what their clients are looking for: a partner. Somehow, digital marketing became about who could boast the largest customer base, who won the best awards and other symbols of prestige.

But at, we have never lost our passion for maximising our clients’ profits. That’s why we go to great lengths to educate every member of our staff in our philosophy of “customer first," and to ensure they live up to it every day.

When a new customer comes to Blurn, the first thing we ask them is to provide us with a list of goals they want to achieve. We then go about assigning the right team members to make those goals reality. In many cases, we are able not just to achieve our clients’ goals, but to exceed them. This is possible due to the three factors that make our company different from the rest:

Continuous Research and Development

In the digital world, change is constant. And when it comes to digital marketing agencies, there are those companies that push the change, and those that do their best to keep up. At, we push harder than anyone else. Thanks to our one-of-a-kind R&D team, we are able to utilise the latest and greatest techniques and technologies to maximise our clients’ profits. And should we not have the correct tools to accomplish a goal, we are more than happy to invest them.

Superior Talent and Superior Training

Every member of our team has been hand-selected for their talents and abilities. Rather than shoehorn them into roles they aren’t comfortable with, we keep them in positions where they thrive so they can pass their experience on to our clients. At the same time, we provide every member of our team with ongoing training and education into the always-developing world of digital marketing. So every time you talk to one of our team members, you’re speaking to an expert.

Clients First Every Time

Our team at Blurn is 100% committed to increasing client profits, regardless of their position in the company. To show what we’re capable of, we ask all of our clients to share quantitative results of working with our firm. Currently, these numbers add up to 173% more digital leads, 256% more SEO leads and 205% more CRM leads on average for each one of our clients. We’re confident that no other digital marketing company in the world can make this claim.

Here’s the Deal

Blurn stands for "Best Leverage Your Ultimate Returns Now.” Not only is this the motto by which we operate, but the advice we repeat to our clients every single day. When it comes down to it, investing in new, exciting, and constantly-improving technologies like Programmatic advertising is integral to the success of any modern company.

And if you’re looking for the best Programmatic RTB Display Services in Australia, the answer lies at

What is Programmatic Real-time Bidding (RTB) Marketing?

Programmatic RTB Display/video advertising is the algorithmic real-time bidding and purchase of advertising space on websites/apps. Thanks to our experience with setting up and managing proprietary Trading Desks: we’re uniquely positioned to multiply your profits and brand value in record time.

Do you need a reliable Programmatic Display Marketing agency to achieve your commercial goals? Directly call our Senior Director, Navin, for a quick, no-obligation chat.

What Our Clients Say About us

If lead generation is what your business needs, we strongly recommend Blurn.

– Chris Nelson-Smith
Head of Trading, Vantage FX


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3 Simple Reasons Why We’re The Best Programmatic RTB Agency


Unmatched R&D

We spend a large part of our resources in researching and developing our Trading Desk methodologies to get you maximum profitability.


Industry-leading Talent & Training

Our experts with a wealth of Programmatic RTB experience across industries are among the best in the world.



From the very beginning, we maintain an unblinking eye on your profitability and ensure that your return on investment is multiplied to the degree possible.

Do you need a reliable behavioural retargeting agency to help maximise your profits? Give our Senior Director a quick call for a no-obligation chat.

We’re a Programmatic RTB Agency that Helps You


Increase Brand Share of Voice (SOV):  Of your business to a completely new level.

Increase Share of Voice (SOV)

Get High-quality Leads: At historically low costs using 1st-, 2nd- & 3rd-party data.

Save Significant Money

Maintain Gripping Engagement: At all times, on your target audiences.

Manage Your Online Reputation

Save Significant Money: By only advertising to the appropriate audience.

Get Leads through Google Maps

Integrate Social Media: To increase customer engagement drastically.

Our Programmatic RTB Deliverables Include

Targeted SEO campaigns

A Strategic Roadmap: To maximise engagement, reach, and growth of leads progressively.


Highly Targeted Campaigns: Our ads and campaigns are as precise as they can get.

Free Training

Daily Optimisation: To ensure that we are certain to achieve your social goals.

Free Anytime Consultation

Free Anytime Consultation: So that you’re at ease and certain about what is going on.

Free Regular Reports

Free Reports: We tailor all our reports to exactly suit your requirements.

Our Programmatic RTB Innovations

High-Quality Link Earning

Behavioural Targeting: To give you an edge over your competitors at all times.

Google Maps Optimisation

1st-, 2nd- & 3rd-party Data Integration:To target your audience with the most effective messaging.


Contextual Native Ads:To attract never-before Click-through Rates (CTR).


Dynamic Ads: Displaying to each visitor with the exact products/services they want.

Online Reputation Scoring

Video Ads: Taking audience engagement to a completely new level at historically low costs.


100% Transparent, Trusted & Family-owned

As a family business that’s been thriving on trust for well over a decade, we treat our clients too as our extended family. So, also be prepared to face some blunt truth! Read More reasons why most successful companies trust us.


Lowest Price & Best Service Guaranteed

We guarantee the lowest price for the amount and quality of work we offer; or we will happily beat any quote you get by 20%! Whether your business is a multinational industry leader or a small start-up, we will give you utmost priority for the work we do for you.

Multiplying Your Profits: Our Unique 4-stage Programmatic RTB

1. Opportunity Discovery & Research
We research every bit of your market and the available data thoroughly and identify the ad real estate that is best suited to your business. We create a list of goals in consultation with you.
2. Campaign Planning & Set-up
We divide your target audience into multiple smaller segments and plan campaigns for each of the segments. We integrate 1st- 2nd-, & 3rd-party data to the setup to maximise response.
3. Optimisation & Monitoring
Employing the most advanced programmatic trading desk toolkit, we continually monitor each of the campaigns and optimise it towards the biggest-possible success for your ads.
4. Results & Insights
We use a suite of industry-leading tools to collect as much data as could be collected. We analyse the data and draw actionable insights from them for further optimisation purposes. We report our findings to you as you want.

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