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At Blurn Group of companies, on behalf of our entire team, we want to thank all our clients, suppliers, and contractors, for all their continued support in helping us show record performance for several small to large businesses globally

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100% Transparent, Trusted & Family-owned

As a family business that’s been thriving on trust for well over a decade, we treat our clients too as our extended family. So, also be prepared to face some blunt truth! Read More reasons why most successful companies trust us.

Best value

Best Value & Service Guaranteed

We guarantee the best value and quality of work with an abundance of skilled resource, whether your business is a multinational corporation or a small start-up. Besides, we welcome your constant feedback to be able to further tailor solutions for you.

Extraordinary App Solutions guaranteed

Two factors converge in the creation of extraordinary app solutions: User Experience and Powerful Backend Technology. We arm you with both. When designing an app, it’s crucial to focus on the user experience, functionality, and visual design. The app should be easy to use, offer value to users, and have a clear purpose which is largely unique.

Why App Development?

Customer Experience!

Customer Experience!


Whether you have a service-based business or a product-based business, an app can help you streamline the customer experience. With a mobile app, you can help your customers browse products and services conveniently through their smartphones or tablets without having to search and visit the website. This can be a big game-changer for businesses that want to reach more customers.

Faster Connections!

Faster Connections!


The load times for mobile apps are nearly 1.5 times faster than mobile and desktop websites. Moreover, mobile apps are also capable of running five times faster than websites. Since mobile apps eliminate the need for loading and buffering, customers will be able to browse, buy and experience your services faster.

Offline & Online Access!

Offline & Online Access!


The ability to work offline is one of the most fundamental differences between an app and a mobile website. While both need online access to provide responsive and critical services, a mobile app can offer basic functionality to users even when they are offline! You can create apps that allow customers access to functions like purchase history, favourite products and service preferences even when they are offline.

Personalised options!

Personalised options!


Customers love personalised service and support, and mobile apps provide loads of customisation options to users. An app doesn’t just allow customers to set their preferences and favourites, it also allows businesses to track customer behaviour easily and offer custom recommendations based on their usage and preferences.

Our App Development Services

No matter what your goal is, our aim is to achieve it. Our professional and qualified developers are capable of building responsive web apps for various purposes: whether you need an informational website, a news app or an e-commerce app. We follow a systematic and organised development methodology to provide a swift and hassle-free app development service. As one of the leading mobile app development agencies in Australia, can provide budget-friendly development services for all three of the types of apps listed below.

Native Apps

Native Apps

As the name implies, native mobile apps are designed to be a ‘native’ to one mobile OS (operating system), be it Apple, Android or Windows. Our team of developers is well-versed in providing Android App Development, Windows App Development and iOS App Development, giving them the ability to finish any native app project within the specified budget. Advantages: High level of Customisation / Faster Performance / Offline Features Disadvantages: Separate development for each platform / Costlier to Maintain / Uses device storage.

Mobile Web Apps

Mobile Web Apps

Unlike standalone native apps, web apps cannot be downloaded and can only be accessed via a web browser. These are basically responsive mobile websites that adapt to the user’s device interface. The team at excels in building intuitive and highly responsive web apps for customers. Advantages: Streamlined and Fast Development / Easy Maintenance / No Download Necessary Disadvantages: Needs Internet / May not work on some Browsers / Features won’t be consistent across all devices.

Hybrid Apps

Hybrid Apps

Hybrid Apps are enhanced web apps that have been made to look like native apps. Even though they run on a web browser, they can be installed into devices like native apps. Our development team is adept in creating highly interactive, high quality, and fully functional hybrid apps for iOS and Android devices. Advantages: Cheaper to Build / Faster Load Times / Less Code to Maintain Disadvantages: Lacks Customisation Power / Slower Run Times / Certain features might not work.

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3 Simple Reasons Why We’re The Best App Development Agency


Unmatched R&D

We have got an unbending commitment to turn your app vision into robust and functional mobile apps that help increase your profits.


Industry-Leading Talent & Training

We execute our mobile app development through some of the most talented people with world-leading training.



From the very start to finish, we keep an unblinking eye on your profitability. We measure our success through the high-quality enquiries we generate for your business.

We’re a Mobile App Development Agency that Helps You


Build Excellent Mobile Apps: Through in-depth research and unyielding commitment to your business vision.

Increase Share of Voice (SOV)

Add the X-Factor to your Business: By building feature-rich apps that help expand your customer base.

Manage Your Online Reputation

Personalise Your Service: Using fully functional native and hybrid mobile apps.

Save Significant Money

Save Significant Money: Through affordable apps that help you reach millions of mobile users.

Get Leads through Google Maps

Increase Customer Interactions: By helping you connect with customers 24/7.

Our Mobile App Development Deliverables Include:

Targeted SEO campaigns

Custom-Built Mobile Apps: We build your dream app at the lowest possible price.


Testing & Optimisation: We provide regular testing and optimization support for your app.

Free Training

Free Training: We provide free training to your in-house teams to ensure the best results.

Free Anytime Consultation

Free Anytime Consultation: We’re happy to consult any time you need, by phone or email.

Free Regular Reports

Free Regular Reports: We’ll take you through reports and break things down to help you best understand the process.

Our Cutting-edge Mobile App Innovations

High-Quality Link Earning

In-depth Brainstorming: interactive brainstorming sessions to find the best platform for your app.

Google Maps Optimisation

Innovative Wireframes: To make the app stand out and gain immediate recognition.


Intuitive App Design: We assure intuitive UI/UX designs to enhance user experience.


Logo & Branding: We help create stylish logos and brand assets that resonate with your customers.

Online Reputation Scoring

Interactive Prototypes: Our team will create fully functional prototypes using cutting-edge  techniques.

Realise your App Idea with our unique 6 step process

1. Discovery & Ideation
The first stage of the app development process starts with a brainstorming session. This helps us discover your idea and create a superior strategy to turn that idea into an app. In this phase, we will do both value proposition and market research to understand your target users and establish the necessary goals and values. We will also research your competition in the field to understand their strategy. All of this will help us identify the best mobile platform and design orientation for your mobile app.
2. App Roadmap
This is the stage where your idea takes shape. With your approval, we will create an app development roadmap that identifies all your app-based requirements that includes a timeline for developing the different stages of the app. Our project roadmap will consist of delivery milestones for the MVP (minimum viable product) based on your resource, time and cost specifications. This MVP would be the bare minimum product that will be prioritised for your initial launch and can be developed further based on your requests. In addition to the project roadmap, we will also provide sufficient black & white wireframes that denote the basic framework of the app.
3. App Designing
This third stage is an important stage that determines your app’s interface and user experience. In this stage, our team of experienced app developers work on creating a well-polished UI & UX design that will help attract customers and increase your customer adoption rates. A designated developer will inform you of all the UI/UX developments and constantly collaborate with you by providing various demos and mock-ups. This will help make your app highly interactive, intuitive and user-friendly. Our main goal in this stage is to ensure that your app keeps your customers engaged.
4. App Development
The developer will start the development process by defining the technical architecture, technology stacks and also the development milestones for the project. In this step, the front-end of the app, both native and hybrid, will be developed from the chosen technology stacks. After finishing the front-end, the developers will focus on the back-end processes of the app, such as the APIs and server technology. During the process of development, the developer will also send a functional prototype to you. This prototype will be a useful for simulating the user experience and the processes in the app.
5. App Testing
Testing is one of the final steps before app publishing and handover. Even though the developers working on the app perform regular testing during each stage of the process, the team conducts a complete debugging and testing during the final stage to ensure quality assurance. To ensure comprehensive testing, the team at will conduct several tests that emulate real life scenarios the app will face during its lifetime. This includes performance testing, user experience testing, functional testing, security testing, device testing, and platform testing. By performing and recording the test cases, the developers will address any final bugs or issues in the app and provide a robust mobile app to you.
6. Publishing & Optimisation
This is the final step where the developers publish the app and handover the controls to you. In the case of native app development, the team will handle the registration of the app and prepare all of its metadata. Our experienced mobile app developers will also train your in-house team about the monitoring and review process through the mobile analytics platforms. However, handover doesn’t mean we are done with your app’s development. We will regularly monitor the app’s performance and make tweaks to improve performance. We will also be on hand in the case of any unexpected crash. Furthermore, our team of mobile app developers will also conduct periodic research and roll out regular updates to help optimise your app.


What is Mobile App Development?
Do you have a brilliant idea that we can turn into a reality? Mobile App Development is the process of designing, coding, and launching an app that runs on mobile devices. Businesses and brands that focus on their digital capability such as apps, can be a critical factor to success. We find that there is a growing expectation for businesses to have their own app, to communicate, engage, and transact effortlessly with their customers and community. The process of app development typically includes the creation of installable software codes and assets that can be enabled, so long as there is internet access. It also includes the implementation of backend operations, like APIs, which can be installed on the device for enabling data access and storage. A good mobile app developer will collaborate with their clients throughout the development process to ensure the best service.
Why is developing an app so important for your business?
Developing a mobile app, including those for iPhones, should be seen as an opportunity for a business that is seeking to engage and build their community base. It can be a significant advantage over your competitors. Apps are a distinct and strategic method to connect with your community, they will foster accessibility, and result in more personalised interactions. Every chance to boost your user experience is a chance to increase brand loyalty that can drive sales through repeat purchases. Apps will streamline your customers transactions by removing the need to repetitively enter data, and provide a secure platform for your customers. If you have an idea or are considering app development, reach out and we can discuss the benefits with you further.
What types of Mobile Apps Development Services can Blurn offer?
No matter what your goal, our aim is to achieve it. Our professional and qualified developers are capable of building responsive web apps for various purposes: whether you need an informational website, a news app or an e-commerce app. We follow a systematic and organised development methodology to provide a swift and hassle-free app development service.

Our app development services include:
  • Business analysis
  • UI/UX design
  • Development
  • Release
  • Maintenance
What should I expect from developing a mobile app with Blurn?
Blurn has a team of experts with years of experience in developing, designing, and deploying numerous apps. Mobile app development is a long and interesting process. We assure we will be your partners and guide every step of the way from quality planning, to analysis and planning, design, app development, testing, and finally deployment.

At Blurn we see every project as a chance to create something special. We take complete responsibility for building apps that will put you ahead of your competitors. Our partnership with you, will not end here, we will also market your website, and provide ongoing support and maintenance.
What list of programming languages does Blurn use for Mobile and iOS Development?
Blurn is a premier mobile development company with a proven track record of creating elegant and functional apps and custom software. Our app development experts are able to utilise a whole suite of programming languages. Book a consultation to see what would work for your app.
What type of security measures will you take to secure my ideas and app?
Before beginning our consultations our team signs a confidentiality agreement, as a signal of trust before we even commence. The NDA is just a formality, our experts respect your creations will take every precaution to make sure they remain yours.
How long does it take to develop a mobile app?
The answer really depends on what the app wants to achieve. Most simple and standard app development takes between 6-8 weeks. Anything a little more creative can be expected to take between 10 to 20 weeks.

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