Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us as Your Digital Marketing Agency?

We distinguish ourselves by an unbending commitment to maximising your returns, and by employing cutting-edge technology. We work closely with you to ensure that your business goals are met at every stage.

When we asked our clients why they chose us, they said

Economy &Transparency

Economy & Transparency

Compatible pricing to favour you and fully transparent communication & reporting.
leverrage over suppliers

Leverage Over Suppliers

From Google, Facebook & Adroll down to individual publishers, we ensure that they give their best towards your profit.
Client-first Approach

13+ years’ Client-first Approach

Our first client is still happily working with us.
experience in digitalization

13+ years’ experience in digitalisation

We work with top Australian & global businesses.
Innovation & Rand D

In-house Innovation and R&D

We will maximise your budget at every level.
Technology Partnership

Technology Partnerships

To get you cutting-edge advantage over your competitors.
Australian & Global Success Track Record

Australian & Global Success Track Record

Our no-nonsense approach to profits through digital marketing has transformed businesses big and small across not only Australia & UK, but also globally.

Unmatched Expertise

Our obsession with cutting-edge profitability methods in Digital makes us the most capable.
Unblinking ROI

Unblinking ROI focus

Full commitment on each campaign to ensure maximum profitability for you.
Bespoke reporting

Bespoke Reporting

To ensure you understand the performance as much as you want to.

Why Should You Choose Us?

We use cutting-edge technology and unbending commitment to maximise the returns of our clients. Every member of our staff lives and breathes digital marketing, which keeps us at the forefront of innovative marketing strategies that actually work. We always keep your business goals at the forefront of our efforts to ensure you achieve exactly what you want to achieve. As we work, we maintain complete transparency with our client, so you know exactly how well your marketing campaigns are performing.

We offer value-based pricing and can tailor our packages to meet your business goals and needs. This ensures you only pay based on the value we will provide you. Our top of the line pricing model works in your favour and gives you the value of our expertise at a compatible price. We write out each service that can help you achieve your business goals at a rapid pace then build a customised pricing package around those needs. This gives you full transparency into the work that we perform.

We continue this high level of transparency throughout the entirety of the project by providing you with regular reports that go over the progress of our campaigns. Anytime you have any questions, we’re always here to help and give you our complete, honest answer. This is how we ensure your success by always using value-based pricing and giving you the complete picture of your marketing efforts.

With the scale that we operate at, we’re able to demand the best rates from Google, Facebook, and Adroll all the way down to individual publishers. This ensures you receive maximum profit by keeping your advertising costs to the minimum. We’re able to ensure they do their best to give you the best return on investment you can possibly achieve through these platforms.

We further capitalise on these low costs for you through our extensive experience working on each of these platforms. They all tailor to a slightly different audience, so you need to tailor your advertising to each of these platforms. This ensures you receive valuable traffic to your site instead of just high volume traffic. After all, if it doesn’t convert to a paying customer, what was the traffic worth? We measure success through the profit we generate for you instead of obscure measurements of awareness.

For each client we take on, we always keep the emphasis on their needs, not our desires. This keeps all of our clients happy and coming back for more work year after year. We make our profits on return customers, so our mission is always to keep you satisfied and happy with the results we generate for you.

Every marketing campaign is designed with our customer’s goals in mind to make a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that utilises all avenues of attracting customers. Through keeping this methodology as our core business model (after over 13 years in business), the very first client that signed with us is still happily working with us. Simply put, we generate the results that you need in order to reach all of your business goals.

With over thirteen years of experience bringing the top Australian and global businesses’ message to the digital world, we can now confidently say we can help you achieve your goals with digital marketing. Throughout this extensive experience, we’ve worked with all sorts of brands that need their brand message to remain on-point.

We have the experience you need in order to keep your brand image the way you want it to stay while still generating results. All of our work is based around your existing brand image and how you want to be presented to the world. This ensures you remain our focus. We then build around this focus to look for new avenues of attracting paying customers to your business based on what actually generates profit.

We employ our own in-house innovation and R&D team that is constantly looking for new ways of maximising a budget at every level. Through this team, we’re always working with top of the line technologies that offer the solutions you need. You can utilise these technologies to help integrate your business processes into our digital marketing and streamline all of our efforts.

When you work with the top of the line technologies our in-house team creates, you’ll quickly understand the value of technology that simply works. We never look for shiny new features, instead, we strive to always use the best technology for that specific job. This keeps your interfaces simple with all of the functionality you need and nothing else. The way we use technology revolves around finding solutions to your problems in a seamless manner.

We have partnerships with the leading technology providers of the digital marketing world, which allows us to offer you cutting-edge competitive advantages. We can provide you with the technology you need at an affordable cost. Never overpay for digital marketing technology again with the help of Blurn.

Through our extensive network of partners, we can find you the technology you need to streamline your digital marketing processes. Utilising these technologies will give you further insights into how well your business is performing and potential methods to further your growth. This gives you a unique, data-oriented competitive edge to capitalise on your existing customers and find new ones. We can integrate any of these technologies into your business to help you meet your business goals.

Our proven track record of driving up profits for all of our customers (not only in Australia and the UK but also globally) instils confidence in our new clients. Each one of our clients, from the very first client we’ve had, only works with us for one reason: we deliver results. By keeping our focus on the results we achieve for you, we ensure your satisfaction throughout our time together. 

We start by discussing what your business goals, challenges and needs are, then we craft a comprehensive digital marketing plan to fulfill those needs. This plan remains as a working document as we test different methods to drive paying customers to your business, and provides a comprehensive look into how we intend to deliver the results you need.

With this full-scale approach, we’re able to ensure that each marketing channel we use delivers a consistent message based on your brand image. Our 13-year long track record proves that we can deliver the results that you need.

Between our in-house innovation and R&D team matched with our extensive experience, we’re able to deliver you the expertise you need to succeed. Each member of our team is completely obsessed with finding cutting-edge methods in digital marketing to drive profitability. This hunger for more keeps us at the top of our game at all times.

Anytime a new technology comes out or a new version of any existing technology is released, our team immediately dives into it to see if it could work for one of our clients. We bring this high level of obsession with digital marketing to each of our clients making us more capable than most to deliver you the results you deserve.

We fully commit to maximising profitability and your ROI on each marketing campaign we create. This unblinking focus on your ROI ensures that each campaign brings you the success you deserve. By tracking the success of each campaign, we’re able to fine-tune your marketing efforts into a streamlined system of profitability.

We then use this system to create new campaigns, which ensures a strong ROI for each new campaign you release. It also allows us to safely test additional ideas that could generate stronger ROIs without the risk of a dud. This is how we ensure that each dollar you invest into your digital marketing efforts brings you further success.

Our never-ending thirst for driving profitability for our customers has kept us at the top of the digital marketing world for over thirteen years. We utilise this expertise with every new client to hit the ground running and deliver a strong ROI immediately.

We offer a bespoke reporting solution allowing your team to fully understand our exact steps that deliver profitability. You can track each step we take and the results each of those steps delivers to your business with ease. Our innovative system keeps you on top of the effort we put into ensuring your success.

When you work with Blurn, you’ll never wonder where your marketing dollars go. You’ll be able to see the ROI we generate throughout our time together. This high level of transparency continues to be a crux of our success that all of our clients simply love. So, keep your marketing under your control with our comprehensive reporting and see for yourself the results we can generate for you.

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