Why are we known as the Best Web Design Company in Sydney, Melbourne, or all Australia?

Your profit is my goal! My biggest pleasure is not just Web Design or Digital Marketing, but seeing your profits grow through it. Why not give me a quick call directly for a chat” 
— Navin Shanmugarajan, Senior Director

Website design and implementation can take on many different forms. Each separate kind of website design has different requirements and things to consider. We are a digital marketing agency located in Sydney, Australia. We have been specializing in website design for years.

Our multifaceted approach to website design will ensure that your website will succeed no matter what kind of website it is. We will cater to your specific needs to beat your competition in terms of online performance.Blurn, synonymous with ‘the best web design company in Australia’, has over a decade of experience in digital marketing, and we will leverage that to make your business succeed in its digital transformation.

Our motto is “Best leverage your ultimate returns” and you better believe that it will fit right into your website. Our profit-driven strategy focuses on delivering actual results rather than just fancy statistics.


Delivering results becomes so important when we talk about website design. How successful your website becomes is directly tied to how it’s made. Even if you have some amazing content, you need a foundation to support its growth.

Different Types of Website Design

The first kind of website design we conduct at Blurn is SEO website design. SEO should technically be a factor in all kinds of websites, as it’s going to be one of the main drivers of organic traffic to your website.

Our services have been shown to increase our client’s profits by over 14 times using SEO! Not to mention, we have over 13 years of experience providing such results to our clients. It does not matter what kind of company or what size it is, leave the heavy lifting to Blurn.Read More

After years of experience working with businesses and organizations, we can confidently serve your enterprise website design needs. We know what it takes to build a winning company website, so let us help you grow.

ECommerce has blown up as of late, and it’s no wonder why. ECommerce provides small and large businesses the opportunity to reach a larger audience and run more efficiently. So don’t put off transitioning to an online business model, we can help you through the process.

Blurn has the experience to make a killer website with the WordPress platform too. A massive amount of websites are made using WordPress, and there are some good reasons why. WordPress websites are great for search engine optimization, and the platform is relatively easy to learn.

Fashion and clothing websites are all over the internet, but what’s going to separate yours from the rest of them? Our beautiful website designs will help build your brand identity and make your clothing shine.

Travel websites are another category that, like fashion websites, you really need to ensure that your visitors are being catered to by your website. Blurn has extensive experience designing travel websites and will make yours stand out from the competition.

Local business websites are an interesting one. While you may not think that they are particularly important considering the business is local, search engines have changed the way that people find out about local businesses. Our local business websites will outrank your competition and reel in new customers through the internet.

Multinational website design has a little more pressure than the other categories, considering how wide of a user base they must cater to. Don’t struggle on your own, let our industry experience and multinational website knowledge guide you!

Business to business corporate websites can often come off as boring, or brochure-like. What these companies don’t realize is that your B2B corporate website is an opportunity for you to reel in your customers and solidify your place as their supplier! Blurn has experience helping business to business clients create immersive experiences for their customers online.

A Strong Website Will Help Your Business Succeed

Producing an amazing looking and functional website is crucial to the success of your business. While people often try to save money and produce a website by themselves, this can often waste time that could have been used on the business and make your website fall short of expectations.

A website is an amazing investment for your business and now is one of the best times to invest in creating a website. When you invest with us, We use the adequate tools so your website can expand your reach and bring in real customers through search engines that are constantly used by consumers.Read More

The business landscape is also changing. As more devices connect to the internet, more consumers are either shopping online or finding businesses online. Don’t get left behind – change with the times by improving your online presence by having us build you a website.

A website from Blurn will do work on your business for you. While it is an upfront cost, think of it as hiring a salesperson that works 24 hours a day. When you think of a website in that sense, it should become a lot more appealing.

Unlike a traditional salesperson or company representative, the cost of a website will significantly decrease after the initial upfront cost. Blurn offers affordable website services that will provide an amazing asset for your business.

While hiring a firm to professionally produce your website for you does increase the amount of the investment, it can also significantly increase the return provided by the website.

A digital marketing firm will ensure that your website has the correct tools for your business to grow its profits, while websites that are made by business owners as a side project often fall flat of expected results.

Now that you are aware of all of the different types of web design services that we offer here at Blurn, and are aware of the benefits of investing in a website, let’s go a little bit more into depth about what makes a great website within these categories. Learn how exactly we will help you stand out from your competition.

Small Business Web Design Services

Blurn is a website design company that will help your small business succeed online without breaking the bank. Make an investment that will improve your bottom line, increase the satisfaction of your customers, and make you feel better about your business.

Starting off with a slightly more simple type of website design, Blurn does small business website design. When we initially work with a client, we would start with some simple questions, such as the primary purpose of your website, whether you have a properly formatted logo, and whether you will be selling products on the website.Read More

Things to Consider for Small Business Websites

The general purpose of the website does tie into whether or not you will sell products on it or not, and if so, then you might want to lean towards having us make you an eCommerce website. Some other purposes would include driving in more business, spreading awareness by word of mouth, and creating a brand identity. Oftentimes you may have multiple goals and that is perfectly fine, just let us know and we can work with you!

If you do want to sell your products online, we can make you an eCommerce website that will allow you to show all of your products beautifully online. If you invest in an eCommerce website with us, it will do wonders for your business and will help you remain relevant as more people shop online.

Having a properly formatted logo is very important when designing a website. You will need to use your logo in many different sections of your website so having the correct sizing and resolution is very important to make your brand look professional. If this is something you don’t have or are unsure of, just let us know and we can help you.

The biggest thing that we have seen in our small business websites is that they help our client’s advertising efficiency, ability to connect with customers, and appearance in search engines. These elements are critical to the success of a small business.

Search engine optimization is very important for small businesses. People more often are searching for local services on search engines like Google, and ranking higher in these searches will help you draw in more business. Blurn has extensive experience with SEO, so if this is something that you need we can provide that.

Something that we’ve noticed is that it can be really difficult for small businesses to rank in searches if they don’t have a website. Sure, Facebook is a good platform for your customers to discover you on, but if you only have a Facebook page, that might not give off the best impression to your customers.

Well thought out website design can do a lot to help give small businesses an advantage over their local competition. There are many benefits of starting a website for your business, so just remember it is an investment that will pay off in the end. Reach out to us to invest in your business today!

SEO Web Design Services

With tons of experience designing websites, we will ensure that your website ticks off all of the SEO boxes. This way, you will have a strong foundation to build your content off of. You could have the best content out there, but if you have a poorly made website you will still have problems bringing in organic traffic from search engines.

Search engine optimization and website design both affect your rankings in search engines. When Blurn makes client websites, we consider mobile-friendliness, speed, sitemaps, and user impressions, that way you are set up for success with Google and other search engines. Read More

Critical SEO Elements of Web Design

Let’s go over some of the SEO elements that we have expertise with. Starting off with mobile-friendliness, this is one of the most important SEO factors, and it’s not going away anytime soon.

With an increasing amount of browsing from mobile devices, search engines like Google have made mobile-friendliness a crucial factor in determining how well you rank in searches. So don’t overlook mobile-friendliness, work with Blurn so that your website is fully responsive across all devices.

When we help clients make websites that are mobile-friendly, it helps them build credibility within their industry. We want your website’s experience to be the same for everyone who accesses it, and a responsive website from us will accomplish that for you.

Over our years of experience we have found that speed is very important as well. Not only does it help with your rankings, but it also directly impacts how a user perceives your website. If it takes forever to load, chances are they’re going to be annoyed and might even click off before it actually loads.

Google measures how long your visitors actually stay on your website, and speed is a direct influencer of this. If all of your pages are taking too long to load, then the time they spend visiting your website is going to decrease due to frustration. We will optimize your website content and do the things on the backend to keep your website loading quickly!

Sitemaps are how search engines like Google crawl through your webpages. This makes the sitemap crucial if you want the search engines to know everything about your website. When your website has a well thought out design, the sitemap will be a focal point upon its inception. We will ensure that your website has a sitemap and it is submitted to search engines.

User impressions are a big factor that tie into a couple of things we have already discussed. Any aspect of your site that improves or dampens the user experience will come into play. Google puts a big focus on how well your website retains viewers, and if your user experience is poor, then people are going to click off of your website quickly. When you work with an experienced agency like Blurn, we will cover all of the things that make a great user experience for you.

Don’t Make Things Hard on Yourself

Search engine optimization can be tricky, and it takes a lot more than just getting the green lights on the Yoast plugin. Don’t make all of your content efforts a waste of time – invest in an effective SEO agency like ours that will succeed in bringing real traffic to your website. Contact us today to get started!

Enterprise Web Design

Here at Blurn, we have professional experience covering enterprise website design from working with a number of clients. By choosing to work with us, you are ensuring that your website will be setting up your organization for success. So don’t make your website a waste of time, make your website your 24-hour salesperson!

To start off, an enterprise website is simply a website that is made for an organization or business. Some of things that Blurn does particularly well to help enterprise websites succeed include but are not limited to brand analysis, SEO auditing, digital marketing, and analytics. Read More

All of The Things Blurn Will Help Your Enterprise Accomplish

Starting off with brand analysis, Blurn will help you further develop your brand, and focus on strategies, plans, evaluations, metrics, and estimates. This step directly ties into analytics, which we will get into shortly.

Blurn performs SEO auditing which involves ensuring that your enterprise website is optimized for search engines, and does not leave any elements unchecked. Our SEO audits will look into factors such as speed, on-page SEO, off-page SEO, social media presence, and security.

Next is something that may be obvious, but Blurn specializes in digital Marketing. This includes SEO, which we talked about, but you also have to consider other marketing channels like social media, paid advertising, email marketing, and more. Our digital marketing efforts will increase your leads and ultimately make your business more profitable.

We will help you look at analytics to measure your organization’s success. Having analytics will help your business have all of the relevant information you need to make decisions moving forward. Analytics is all about using facts and data to help you succeed.

Our enterprise websites typically are focused on lead generation or lead conversion, or both. In a later section, we are going to cover business to business enterprise websites, so we will go over these types of websites more in-depth.

Why Hiring Blurn Can Be Beneficial For Your Enterprise

Making an adequate investment in an enterprise website is important because enterprise websites need different tools and strategies from a regular old website. Implementing these things can often prove to be time-consuming, and you should not take away time from your business.

When your enterprise website has all of the right tools, it allows you to accomplish much more with the website and manage a lot of aspects of your business. This way, you are prepared for current and future needs that may come up.

If you need an enterprise website made, don’t hesitate to let us know. We are here to help you with all of the important elements of your website to help you succeed.

ECommerce Web Design Services

At Blurn, we believe that having an attractive eCommerce store is crucial to online success. If done correctly, eCommerce websites can provide a great opportunity to increase reach, cut down costs, and improve efficiency.Read More

Benefits of Starting an ECommerce Website With Blurn

Our eCommerce websites will immediately give your store a global reach that a physical storefront can’t provide. When you set up an eCommerce website with us, you are opening up your doors to anyone with access to the internet, rather than being confined to your physical location.

Blurn’s eCommerce websites have allowed our client’s to showcase all of their products beautifully through a digital platform. Our properly designed eCommerce websites will encourage your users to make purchases through design psychology.

Ranking in search engines through optimization will attract new customers to your online store, allowing you to grow your customer base. We will ensure that you are getting new quality leads to your eCommerce store through a mix of paid and organic traffic.

ECommerce business channels allow you to cut down on costs as well. No longer do you need to pay to have associates at a physical location when your set up your eCommerce website with us. You will only have to incur costs when somebody actually makes a purchase, making your business operate more efficiently.

By letting us help you make your business more efficient overall, you are giving yourself the opportunity to scale your business. There has never been a better time to transition your business to an eCommerce platform.

We encourage eCommerce websites because they give you the opportunity to stay relevant in a changing business landscape, and take your business beyond the local limitations that a physical location comes with.

Invest More With Blurn for Better Results

Something to keep in mind is that it is very important to invest in a highly professional website designer such as Blurn. Building a sustainable eCommerce system will ensure that you have the foundation to have a sustainable online store, and that store will remain profitable in the long run.

The bottom line is that things are not going to change, and more and more devices will be using the internet and shopping online. Businesses that invest in a quality eCommerce store will be in a better position moving into the future than businesses that solely rely on a physical location.

At Blurn we have experience creating eCommerce success stories for many of our clients. Don’t wait to make your digital transformation. We will walk you through the process and make your business an online success. Reach out today to get started!

Wordpress Web Design

Blurn has extensive experience with the WordPress platform, so when you work with us you will be getting the most out of your WordPress website. Take your business to the top of the ranks, with an easy to use interface and a beautiful responsive website.

WordPress is no secret anymore, as a massive portion of websites on the internet is using it to their advantage. Websites using the WordPress platform offer a user-friendly interface, even for beginners! WordPress websites typically rank high in search engines, and their plugins give them even more functionality. Read More

WordPress Is Big

About 35% of the internet actually uses WordPress. Since the first version of WordPress was released in 2003, it has grown immensely and does not seem to be slowing down. WordPress also makes up about 15% of the most successful websites, which is very telling.

WordPress websites can usually be installed and published pretty quickly. Once the layout of your website and all of its features are set up, it should be pretty easy to create the new pages and posts that you desire.

Search engine optimization is so important if you want to drive traffic to your website naturally. WordPress websites naturally work well with many different devices, which gives them an advantage right off the bat.

WordPress also provides a number of different tools and plugins that will ensure your content is optimized correctly for search engines. The platform also allows for easy updating which makes ranking for desired keywords easier.

The option to improve the functionality of your website with plugins also makes using WordPress more attractive. WordPress plugins are easy to install from the built-in plugin directory, and custom third-party plugins can be installed as well.

The Bottom Line With WordPress

The bottom line is that WordPress provides the means to make a functional, good looking website, with an interface that doesn’t look like your reading is an advantage. Many people are taking advantage of the WordPress platform to create a presence online.

We can give you the tools and the initial set up to become successful with WordPress, and subsequently your website. So don’t wait, dive into WordPress with us today and kickstart your journey to the online business landscape!

Fashion Web Design Services

We can make your fashion website design a reality at Blurn. We have experience working with a plethora of different clients, and we can make your fashion website amazing. Don’t have a boring website and a boring brand, swing for the fences!

Website design is very important when it comes to the fashion industry. Given the nature of the industry, it is very important to have your website designed beautifully. This involves things like the use of negative space, brand identity, visuals, and creativity. Read More

Things Blurn Does to Make Great Fashion Websites

Negative space is basically just how you use and place empty space on your website. Blurn uses negative space properly to put a larger focus on the content. This is an important factor in fashion websites because you want the clothing to be the focal point!

Brand identity makes up all of the elements that you are showing to your consumer to portray your company. It becomes especially important in fashion because your brand is everything.

Having a website that beautifully shows off your brand identity will increase your success. Given our experience with building brand identity for our client’s, we are confident we can make your fashion website successful.

At Blurn, we understand that unique and engaging visuals are especially important in fashion websites. You have the opportunity to wow your visitors and make them consider buying your products, so let us help you seize on that opportunity.

Having these beautiful visuals sounds simple enough, but there is more that goes into it on the backend that the casual web browser may not think of, but Blurn has you covered. Some of these things include image optimization, SEO, alt tags, and placement.

Having a creative fashion website ties into the unique and engaging visuals that we talked about. You can’t have your fashion website bore your customer, you want it to be different and awe-inspiring. At Blurn, we know what it takes to build an exciting and unique experience.

So stay away from cookie-cutter websites that use templates and are boring. They will leave your customers lacking inspiration and that will negatively influence their purchasing decision making.

Consider This

At Blurn we believe that something all fashion websites should consider is blogging. Content is king, as people are spending more and more time on their devices and always searching for new content. Creating fashion content with correct SEO practices can do a lot to help drive traffic to your website.

Blurn has the SEO experience to get your content ranking on the first page of google and become a key traffic driver for your website. You should definitely consider SEO content if you are in the fashion industry and are looking to create an online presence.

We can make your fashion website design a reality at Blurn. We have experience working with a plethora of different clients, and we can make your fashion website amazing. Don’t have a boring website and a boring brand, swing for the fences! Get in touch with us today to get started.

Travel Web Design

Blurn can help you create all of the essential elements of a travel website. Our travel websites will give your consumers a stunning experience on both desktop and mobile devices, optimize your conversion rate, and make your website as successful as it can be.

There are a lot of important features that we believe make an effective travel website. Things like beautiful images, customer reviews, and interesting content are some of the factors that will determine the quality of your user’s visits.Read More

What Makes Blurn’s Travel Websites Successful

Beautiful images will be very helpful for your users so that they can visualize the destination. There are many important factors that Blurn will take care of that go into using images on your websites such as search engine optimization, size, quality, and placement.

We believe that customer reviews are great social proof of travel websites. Quality reviews can either drive sales or give your reader a good impression of any given destination. Customer reviews also help your local SEO, and impact consumer purchasing decisions when they do stumble upon your website.

Interesting content is essential to any successful website, and travel is no exception. This does not just include intriguing blog posts, it also means content on the home page, about us and contact pages, and then many other pages that need copy. Blurn has extensive experience creating content for our clients, so don’t let it be a hassle.

We believe that the best travel websites are simple. While your first instinct may be to overload your users as much information as possible, it is far more effective to keep the immediate information given absolutely necessary and what they are looking for and have all other information be secondary.

Quick loading time is at the top of our priorities when making a travel website. Slow performance will ultimately make your travel site less credible, as users want to be able to search for things and book trips quickly. Our websites can make the process seamless and stress-free for your users.

Building trust with your clients and users is also important and a well-designed website can help you do just that. Being transparent includes things like straightforward pricing, no additional fees, and establishing credibility.

Create a Great Platform For Your Users With Blurn

Your customers want to book the perfect vacation, quickly and at a fair price. For travel bloggers, readers will want a fast website with engaging content and a beautiful layout. No matter what kind of travel website you are looking for, don’t make things hard on yourself. Work with Blurn to leverage our years of experience and results.

Local Business Web Design Services

At Blurn, we offer affordable website design that will be around the clock salesperson for your business. We will leverage our years of experience in website design paired with digital marketing to ensure that your business’s website stands out from the competition, and brings in new customers to increase your profits.

Our websites can go a long way to help give local businesses an advantage over their competition. Talking about all of the many benefits of building a website for local businesses can be a topic of its own, but some of the most notable reasons for a local business to create a website with us include increasing advertising efficiency, search engine optimization, and connecting with customers. Read More

Things to Consider With a Local Business Website

Starting off with advertising efficiency, a Blurn website will give you something to link your customers to in any of your advertisements. If there is any information that your advertisement does not cover, getting customers to visit your website should answer all of their remaining questions!

Search engine optimization is important to us no matter what kind of website we are creating, but it becomes even more important with local businesses. People are always searching “plumber near me” or “restaurants near me” and search engine optimization can help your business pop up for those searches.

Creating attractive and engaging websites have been a great way for us to help clients connect with current and future customers. On your website, we can help you educate customers about your products and services, and current customers can spread the word about your business using your link.

Our modern website designs will give current and future customers a sense of trust in your business. Your brand identity will be at the forefront, building brand recognition with your local area. Outdated and poorly designed websites will immediately give potential customers a bad impression, and decrease the likelihood of them doing business with you.

Don’t Skimp Out

Oftentimes local businesses attempt to save money by creating a website on their own. It may seem like a good thing to do, but it’s actually not. Taking the time to look into how to make a website will inevitably take away valuable time from your business.

Taking away time from your business will most likely eliminate any of the savings that you would have gotten by making the website yourself. Not to mention, the website is not going to present any value to the business if it lacks the ability to drive sales. Work with us today for affordable and effective local business website design.

Multinational Web Design

At Blurn we will work with you to create a winning strategy that will optimize the experience for users all around the world.  We can also help you determine whether a single site of multiple site strategy is best for your organization.

This way, you can ensure that your website will have an authentic presence in all of the key regions you are targeting. Creating a successful multinational website with us will save you money in the long run, because you will avoid managing multiple websites that will inevitably become inconsistent and costly. Read More

Creating a multinational website is a task that can prove to be difficult as it has a lot of different moving parts that need to be considered. Among them, some of the things that we believe are important include SEO approach, target languages, engaging content, and a catered experience.

The Key Elements of a Blurn Multinational Website

International SEO means that your website content needs to be optimized for different countries and languages. Some factors that we will use to help your website succeed include URL structure, language tags, and original content.

It is important to decide on your target languages when you are planning a multinational website. Blurn can help you consider the languages spoken by important audiences, and languages spoken in areas where there is an opportunity.

Engaging content should be a focus of any website, but we believe it deserves extra attention on  multinational websites. Engaging content directly ties into translations and making a strategy to decide exactly what needs to be translated.

Something that could make or break your multinational website is how catered the experience is. Not only does this include managing your translations correctly, but also understanding your markets and your customer persona so that you can tailor the experience for everyone. Blurn has experience creating individualized experiences for many of our clients users.

A multinational website can prove to be more difficult than designing a plain old website since there are many more factors that you must consider. For that reason, working with a digital marketing agency like Blurn can make sense to avoid the headache and heavy lifting. Contact us today to get started on your project!

B2B Corporate Web Design Services

Corporate business to business websites should be designed around the framework of their objective. Your website is built to answer other businesses’ questions or provide them with a service, so little time should be wasted. Read More

What Makes a Successful B2B Website

While many businesses to business websites are the bland brochure type, this does not have to be the case. Blurn’s B2B corporate websites give you the opportunity to create an intriguing journey through the different types of products and services you offer.

There is a quote by Wyatt Woodsmall that we believe describes B2B corporate websites well, and it goes like this “If you can describe a person’s problem better than they can to themselves, they will implicitly feel you have the solution to their problem”.

Your website has the opportunity to really dig into the problem you are trying to solve. By doing this with Blurn not only will you be the real deal in the eyes of your customers, but you will convince them that you are the solution that they have been looking for.

There are two types of B2B corporate websites, lead generation, and lead conversion. Lead generation websites are built to bring traffic that you can subsequently bring into your sales process. Lead conversion websites, on the other hand, are made for people who already know about your company and are farther along in the sales process.

Here are some crucial things Blurn implements to ensure our clients have a successful lead generation or lead conversion website:

  1. Contact Details : Having your contact details is an important first step since your leads can’t reach out to you unless they actually have this information.
  2. Having Forms on Your Pages : Forms act as a great way to generate leads and gather contact information from potential customers. Blurn knows how to create effective forms and implement them on your website.
  3. Photos & Testimonials : Photos and testimonials are a great method to quickly add social proof to your website, giving potential leads a greater sense of trust.
  4. Avoiding Plain Site Templates : Plain site templates are being used more and more often since they are readily available online. It is important to stay away from them as they are boring and generic.
  5. Create the Website With the End Goal in Mind : When the website is created with the end goal in mind, then everything will fall in place. This will, in turn, help your website have a better chance of accomplishing that goal.
  6. Calls-to-Action : A call to action is a great way to try to get an immediate response from the person visiting. Using the right call to action in the right place can make a break a sale on your website!

Blurn has helped many of our clients create successful business to business websites. Get in touch with us today to start your business to business website project!

Our Work


Our Six Free Essential Services With Web Design

We Make Your Website 100% Responsive

Mobile has overtaken Desktop usage significantly across the globe. That means you need to have a technically-robust, mobile-friendly responsive website. Each of our websites is made to be perfectly responsive and quick-loading in such a way that they work on Desktop, Mobile and Tablet flawlessly.

So, our website for you not only impresses mobile users to the core, but also Google gives you high ranks for Mobile & Tablet searches in addition to Desktop searches. This further enhances your profitability.

Start Ranking on Google from Day One

Yes, our 13+ years’ unmatched global SEO success means that we strictly adhere to all Google’s guidelines while building your website. We build your website to cutting-edge SEO requirements. We’re able to do the first-stage On-page SEO so that your website already starts getting ranks on Google following launch. From loading speed to HTTPS (SSL certification) we’ve get all SEO aspects ticked off so that Google loves your website from when you launch it.

We Make Your Site Visitors Buy Your Stuff

It’s one thing to build a beautiful website, but it’s completely another to make visitors “convert” into paying customers, or in some cases, into leads. Our 13+ years’ experience in high-CPA environments has conditioned us to put conversion first; so, we leave nothing unturned to convert each website visitor into your customer, by employing a wide range of CRO techniques, including Call-to-Action (CTA) Optimisation, A-B Testing, Heat Mapping and Abandonment Rate reduction.

To Stun Your Website Visitors

We don’t just create things, but we also give them life. Yes, we make objects on your website jump out and communicate to your visitors. Each element that we code into your website is designed to communicate a certain thing to your visitors at a certain time, to answer all possible questions they might have about your business and more importantly to impress them and make them view your brand in high regard.

Ask us anything Digital-related

One of the reasons why our business has grown purely by word-of-mouth is because we take a lot of pleasure in treating our customers as our extended family and going the extra mile for them happily. That also means that we are happy to provide you free guidance on anything that is Website-, App- or Digital-related so you can be at ease. Feel free to discuss with us anything digital that you need better clarity on and we might also be able to give you additional resources that help you further understand it.

In addition, we can also combine a wide range of our industry-leading Digital Marketing Services with web design for your profits to touch unprecedented levels.

To Ensure Your Business Takes off

We offer free support for the first 8 weeks from the date of launch to further help your business succeed. This means that we will make any changes to your website at no cost. During this period, we will also monitor your website, its presence on Search Engines such as Google and carry out any necessary optimisation, in collaboration with you.

We are also happy to provide any phone support, and basic level training online or over the phone, to your staff to ensure that your website could be managed by your internal team in the long term.

What Our Clients Say About us

If lead generation is what your business needs, we strongly recommend Blurn.

– Chris Nelson-Smith
Head of Trading, Vantage FX


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Industry-leading Talent & Training

Our experts with a wealth of Behavioural Digital Marketing experience across industries are among the best in the world.



From the very beginning, we maintain an unblinking eye on your profitability and ensure that your return on investment is multiplied to the degree possible.

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Create Stunning Web Experiences: To increase your direct profit exponentially.

Get Leads through Google Maps

Get Top SEO Ranks: To cost-effectively increase your revenue further.

Manage Your Online Reputation

Maintain Gripping Engagement: At all times, on your Website visitors.

Save Significant Money

Save Significant Money: By providing you industry-leading services cost-effectively.

Increase Share of Voice (SOV)

With Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO): To further grow your conversion and increase profits.

Our Web Design Deliverables Include

Targeted SEO campaigns

A Stunning Web Experience To maximise engagement, reach, and growth of your profits.


Unparalleled Mobile Experience: So you can profit from exponentially growing mobile users.

Free Training

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO): To ensure your every potential customer is captured.

Free Anytime Consultation

Complete Transfer of Ownership: So you own 100% of the code and work.

Free Regular Reports

Free Anytime Consultation: On anything related to Web, App and Digital Marketing.

Our Web Design Innovations

High-Quality Link Earning

Behavioural Targeting: To give you an incomparable edge over your competitors at all times.

Google Maps Optimisation

Data-Layer Analytics: To capture every single detail about each of your website visitors.


A-B & Multivariate Testing: To achieve unprecedented response rate from your website visitors.


Marketing Automation Integration: For significant online sales and/or lead growth.

Online Reputation Scoring

HTML 5 Animation: To further leave your website visitors stunned and impressed.


100% Transparent, Trusted & Family-owned

As a family business that’s been thriving on trust for well over a decade, we treat our clients too as our extended family. So, also be prepared to face some blunt truth! Read More reasons why most successful companies trust us.


Lowest Price & Best Service Guaranteed

We guarantee the lowest price for the amount and quality of work we offer; or we will happily beat any quote you get by 20%! Whether your business is a multinational industry leader or a small start-up, we will give you utmost priority for the work we do for you.

Multiplying Your Profits: Our Unique 4-stage Web Design & Development

1. Opportunity Discovery & Research
We thoroughly research and understand your business and its specific requirements in addition to making a list of your “ideal” requirements of the website’s look and functionality. Then, we research your industry, your CRM data, and your target audience to draw actionable insights, based on which, we set design/development goals for the project in collaboration with you. At each step, we ensure that these goals are perfectly aligned with your commercial business goals and they cover all aspects of Web Design and Development.
2. Wireframes & Concepts
In order to ensure that you are as excited about our work as we will excite your website visitors, we come up with a number of design options for your to choose from. In each of the designs we show you we’ll ensure that all other technical requirements are fulfilled. We are happy to make as many revisions as you like, in order to nail the design you like.
3. Web Build, Testing & Optimisation
After we’ve got your final approval on a design that is certain to make your visitors drop their jaws to the floor, we use cutting-edge Web Development tools, to build your website to achieve every single one of the goals we had set, including: Mobile Optimisation, SEO, Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) and Animation. Then we employ a wide range of tools to test and stress-test every single aspect of your website and optimise wherever required so that once launched, your business gets a flying start.
4. Launch & Monitor
We launch your website with meticulous attention to every detail and complete our list of technical tasks on our post-launch checklist, that covers everything from Submitting your website to Search Engines to testing and CRO. We then use a suite of industry-leading data collection tools to collect as much data as possible before analysing all the available data and using our cutting-edge data-visualisation tools to draw actionable insights for further optimisation. We report our findings to you exactly the way you want and discuss the follow-up steps with you.