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Your profit is my goal! My biggest pleasure is not just Digital Marketing or SEO, but seeing your profits grow through it. Why not give me a quick call directly for a chat?” 
— Navin Shanmugarajan, Senior Director

Digital marketing is not only one of the fastest-moving industries in the world, but it is also one of the most important ways for businesses to take the reins of their digital persona and grow their brands. Though many companies have tried to manage or create their own marketing solutions, the sheer number of trends, techniques, and skills one needs to master to remain competitive in a global marketplace have made most companies seek out professional help.

At Blurn.com, we don’t just provide that much-needed help, we have redefined what it means to be a successful digital marketing agency.

In recent years, online marketing companies have lost their client-focus, and many now spend more time attending to their own reputations than they do attending to their clients’ interests. At Blurn, we have made our clients our only interest, creating a customer-centric business model focused entirely on providing the best results our services can provide.


Though still a family-owned and operated business, our ability to leverage partnerships and research new technologies has helped us become an industry leader in fields like Search Engine Optimisation, Paid Search Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and Behavioral Retargeting. Today, when clients come to Blurn.com for marketing solutions, they know they’re getting the best services for the best price – every time.

The Secrets of Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO for short, is one of the most important services offered by digital marketing agencies like us. Defined simply, this how both existing and new customers find your business, services, and products. Understanding it is becoming more and more integral to growth in the digital marketplace as well, as it creates a marketplace in which local startups and multinational conglomerates can compete for the same clients.

Most of us know what a search engine is, as it’s practically impossible to use the internet without encountering one. In short, they are massive platforms capable of searching the entire internet in seconds, providing users with information, products, and websites at the touch of a button. The most popular and widely-used search engine is Google, which accounts for 90% of all global internet searches.

Of course, more important than what search engines do is how they do it. This process is not only essential to the SEO equation, but it gives those managing the SEO process the ability to affect page rankings and tie certain keywords to certain products and services. For all search engines, generating a search result is a three-step process.

Crawling is the process by which a search engine scours the internet for new or altered information. The bots deployed by the search engine are so numerous and so efficient, that they operate on a near-constant basis, reporting any new data, uploaded image, or corrected misspelling back to the central database. If something takes place on the internet, even for a second, there’s a pretty good chance that the bots have already found and reported it.

In order for search engines to provide users with accurate results, they need to identify and catalog all of the information on the internet. While this is a humungous job, search engines are so powerful that they can do it in fractions of a second, adjusting to changes and updates as soon as they happen. During indexing, the keywords, images, and HTML data of a website are examined. Once the database has an idea of what the page refers to, it files it away in an appropriate folder.

Ranking is the first time that a human element is required in the process. This is what happens when a user types in a keyword or query. The search engine then uses the clues in the keyword and the user’s location to determine the best possible results for that query, arranging them from most useful to least useful. In many cases, the results that are returned are in the millions of pages. What makes SEO so difficult, however, is that 99% of users will never make it past the first page of results.

So, when we say “optimizing” one’s search engine presence, we’re referring to ensuring that every web page your business owns contains the keywords, images, and code that will most likely put it at the top of the search results. Without investing in this process, a company seeking new customers might as well not be on the internet at all.

International SEO: What Makes it Unique

Essentially, International SEO is just another form of Search Engine Optimisation – telling search engines where you want your web pages to be ranked and what keywords, queries, etc. you want them tied to. Since there is a local or proximity component to how search engines work, however, companies that want to attract customers in more than one country need to use special strategies to optimize their search presence.

Using a combination of geo-targeting, hreflang tags, languages, and other localisation signals, it’s possible to target multiple audiences around the world, grow your global presence, and return the best results when international users search for your company. In general, implementing International SEO requires four unique steps.

There are several different ways to optimize international search results. Where some sites focus on language, others will use a collection of user data. When you target with International SEO, you can make multiple website variants and optimize them all for location, language, and content type. Doing this is time-consuming, so you’ll want to make a decision about what content you’ll be providing upfront.

You need to create a structure of different directories in order to help search engines know which users should see which content. For instance, you wouldn’t want a user in Canada to get half their website in English and the other half in Spanish. In fact, some businesses set up a whole new website or each target country, maintaining and optimizing it for each different language.

The search engine will do its best to analyze the language or location of the user and display the right results. However, it’s often best to give the search engine as many “tips” as possible to avoid mistakes. These tips can be embedded in your code or part of the text on your page. Either way, for proper optimisation, you’ll want to give Google as much information as possible without ruining the user experience.

Every country, language, and culture is different. Optimisation efforts you use in one corner of the world may not work in the next. In the final step, you need to evaluate your efforts and identify where changes can be made. For instance, a Google-focused effort in a country where Google is not the primary search engine might end up being like advertising for boats in the desert.

What Makes Blurn.com Different

In a world where digital marketing agencies are becoming increasingly-specialized or milking a few “whale” clients instead of expanding their reach, we are more resolved than ever to grow our business into an international powerhouse. One of the ways we hope to achieve this is by becoming the best International SEO agency in Australia.

As with all of our services, our International SEO offerings are comprehensive and executed in a professional manner. With our strategies and techniques, huge corporations and small startups alike can grow their digital footprint exponentially, capitalizing on potential customers all over the globe without breaking their budgets.

There are a number of things that make Blurn.com different from other agencies. Thanks to our unique business model, we’ve been able to set the new standard for profit-based digital marketing solutions. The components of that business model continue to keep us moving forward to this day. They include:

Change is inevitable when you work in a digital medium. Thanks to our R&D efforts, however, Blurn is more likely to force those changes than be forced to adapt to them. Our unwavering commitment to researching and implementing profit-generating techniques has helped us grow a massive database of satisfied clients. For over a decade, we’ve led the way on forging new strategies and discovering new ways to maximize our clients’ ROIs.

For years, our executives searched the country for the best digital marketing professionals they could find. Now, those men and women come to us. Thanks to our industry-leading reputation, we have been able to construct a team of unparalleled talent, with everyone from sales and customer service to web design and content generation working in concert toward the best result.

We supplement this talent with a dedicated system of training and education. Working along with our R&D team, our executives are able to ensure that every member of the Blurn.com crew is informed of the newest ways to bring our customers’ dreams to life.

Everyone that works at our company knows our motto: the client is king. In fact, when our customers write their reviews of our services, they’re likely to mention the amazing profit increases our team has been able to deliver. Thanks to these incredible ROIs, we’ve been able to keep our clients coming back again and again. At Blurn, our success is your success.

SEO Success with Blurn.com

Blurn stands for “Best Leverage Your Ultimate Returns Now.” This is a reminder to all of our customers that they need to utilize the tools and techniques for success as soon as possible or risk falling behind the competitors who do.

Though there will always be competition from larger, more well-funded companies, the men and women on our team have the ability to level the playing field and give every business a chance to profit. Still, it takes more than drive and dedication to create success in digital marketing.

So, when you hire Blurn, you can rest assured you’ll receive:

Our team has proved time and time again that we can provide significant profits for clients regardless of how much money they have to invest. This is why we are committed to working with every type of customer and providing tiered pricing to fit any budget. To that point, we are more than happy to customize any of our services to meet your needs. Simply provide us with a goal, and we’ll help you reach it.

We always keep our clients abreast of how we’re growing their online presence. This means constant updates using a combination of various reporting methods, including Bespoke Reporting, which combines data from several sources into one easy-to-understand report.

Over the years since Blurn.com was founded, we have been able to establish relationships that pass along unique advantages to our clients. This includes negotiating the best possible prices from companies like Facebook, Google, and Adroll. As a major player in the digital marketplace, we can also leverage these companies to ramp up their service when our clients need fast results.

We are known all over Australia as the best digital marketing agency for your dollar. Where our marketing team supplies half of that reputation, our customer service representatives supply the other half. These men and women know how to treat our customers right and keep them informed of how we’re working toward their goals.

Here’s the Deal

Regardless of the size of your company right now, an investment in International SEO can have you competing at a global level in no time, drastically increasing your earning potential. And who better to offer you access to the entire world than the company at the forefront of the digital marketing revolution? To find out more, visit us at www.blurn.com/au/ today, or call us for a free executive consultation.

What Our Clients Say About us

If lead generation is what your business needs, we strongly recommend Blurn.

– Chris Nelson-Smith
Head of Trading, Vantage FX


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3 Simple Reasons Why We’re The Best SEO Agency


Unmatched R&D

We’ve an unbending commitment to reverse-engineering Google/Bing and understanding their algorithmic intricacies that affect your search ranks.


Industry-leading Talent & Training

We execute our SEO Services through some of the most talented people with world-leading training.



From the very start to finish, we keep an unblinking eye on your profitability, measuring our success only through the high-quality enquiries we generate for your business.

We’re an SEO Agency that Helps You


Get High-quality Leads: Through precise targeting of relevant High-traffic keywords.

Get Leads through Google Maps

Get Leads through Google Maps: Get potential customers through Google Maps.

Manage Your Online Reputation

Manage Your Online Reputation: Ensure that people see only the appropriate things about you.

Save Significant Money

Save Significant Money: By cutting costs on paid marketing and on other channels.

Increase Share of Voice (SOV)

Increase Share of Voice (SOV): of your brand overall so that your brand recognition is improved.

Our SEO Deliverables Include

Targeted SEO campaigns

Targeted SEO campaigns: We take care of all SEO work needed for best commercial results.


Daily optimisation: We carry out various On- and Off-page work daily and monitor results.

Free Training

Free Training: We provide the necessary training to your in-house teams for best results for free.

Free Anytime Consultation

Free Anytime Consultation: We’re happy to consult any time you need, by phone or email.

Free Regular Reports

Free Regular Reports: We take you through reports and break things down, so you best understand.

Our Cutting-edge SEO Innovations

High-Quality Link Earning

High-Quality Link Earning: To ensure your website is powerful in Google’s/Bing’s eyes.

Google Maps Optimisation

Google Maps Optimisation: For getting your potential customers straight to your door.


Localisation: For precise regional targeting and acquiring local customers quickly.


Internationalisation: For businesses with multinational presence to get the best results.

Online Reputation Scoring

Online Reputation Scoring: To monitor your brand reputation and keep up excellent brand image.


100% Transparent, Trusted & Family-owned

As a family business that’s been thriving on trust for well over a decade, we treat our clients too as our extended family. So, also be prepared to face some blunt truth! Read More reasons why most successful companies trust us.


Lowest Price & Best Service Guaranteed

We guarantee the lowest price for the amount and quality of work we offer; or we will happily beat any quote you get by 20%! Whether your business is a multinational industry leader or a small start-up, we will give you utmost priority for the work we do for you.

Growing Your Profit Through Our Unique 8-stage SEO

1. Keyword Research
Identifying your opportunities: In order for you to get many customers, or leads, for your business, you need to rank high for popular keywords which are related to your business. So, we do a thorough piece of keyword research to determine what keywords are right for you and prioritise them in order of their popularity, which is determined by how many times they are averagely searched on Google by people in your target audience. Our Keyword Research will reveal exactly what your growth opportunities are.
2. Search Rank Analysis
Measuring Your Position & Setting Targets: Once we’ve arrived at a list of best keywords right for your business, we use a unique collection of cutting-edge SEO tools to measure and verify exactly where your website ranks, if it ranks at all, for each of those keywords. And, then we establish our commercial goals.
3. Website Audit
Identifying Rooms for Improvement: We use a suite of industry-leading tools and spend several hours to manually analyse every page on your website to determine where exactly you need to improve your commercial performance. Our trained eyes leave nothing to chance and we are more ruthless in finding faults than Google is. This allows us to make a long list of tasks that will improve your Google ranks.
4. Infrastructural Improvements
Ensuring the basics are right: There are hundreds of HTML elements of each web page that Google considers before deciding what ranks to give for what keywords and at what time for those pages. We meticulously implement improvements to each of those HTML elements so that the next time Google crawls (i.e. reads) your web page, it’s impressed!
5. Content & UX Improvements
Ensuring your communication is spot on: At a micro level, we implement improvements to the parts of your web pages where the presence of certain keywords is likely to convince Google that your website is worthy of a good rank. At a macro level, we implement improvements to the overall UX (user experience) of your web pages, from both Google and visitors perspectives.
6. High-Quality Links & PR Acquisition
Making your website infinitely more powerful: A link is nothing but a clickable text, URL, image, etc. that is written on another website, which when clicked upon, leads to your website. Google counts the number of high-quality, non-spammy links that you have from other websites. So, we launch a powerful “link earning” and Press Release campaign that will blow Google away.
7. Intelligent Data Gathering
Collecting Intelligence: Although our data collection is ongoing, in this stage we use cutting tools made by Google and top SEO software makers to collect data about some specific aspects of our work so far, both on your website and elsewhere on the web. This will ensure that we have the best possible data to make intelligent decisions with.
8. Review Results & Repeat
Ensuring your profitability: Our ultimate performance is measured not only by clicks to your website or high Google ranks, but also by the growth of your profits through our SEO services. So, we analyse data tirelessly and draw insights that will help us make educated guesses on which of our efforts have fetched what degree of results. Based on these insights, we tweak the strategy and methods, if and where required, to further maximise your profits through our SEO.