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Your profit is my goal! My biggest pleasure is not just Digital Marketing or Adwords (SEM/PPC), but seeing your profits grow through it. Why not give me a quick call directly for a chat” 
— Navin Shanmugarajan, Senior Director

Digital marketing is one of the most exciting and fastest-growing industries in the world. And with more and more companies moving toward internet-based business, this isn’t a trend that’s likely to stop anytime soon.

Of course, as with anything else related to technology, digital marketing is highly competitive. Currently, there are thousands of firms located all over the world, offering many of the exact same services. To the average business owner, it might be difficult to tell them apart. At least, at first.

You see, the overwhelming majority of marketing firms know that any amount of marketing is better than no marketing at all. When it comes to serving their customers, they apply quick, cooking-cutter methods that provide the bare minimum results. In the end, they’re more concerned with getting customers than maximising those customers’ results.


After all, there’s always more clients, especially when you work in a global industry.

At Blurn.com, however, we take a different approach. In fact, from our founding, we’ve dedicated ourselves to being the most customer-centric digital marketing agency in Australia. Here, we believe the client is (and always should be) the most important aspect of our industry.

To serve our clients as best as we can, we go to great lengths to maximise their profits, drastically improve their ROIs. How? By providing them with an average of 173% more digital leads, 256% more SEO leads and 205% more CRM leads.

One of the areas in which we truly excel is PPC campaign management. With affordable prices and quality results, we’ve already helped countless businesses all over the country find more customers, get more leads and dramatically increase traffic to their websites. If you’re looking for Australia’s top PPC management service, you’ve already found it.

What is PPC and How Does it Work?

PPC is the acronym for pay-per-click, one of the oldest and most trusted forms of internet advertising. This is essentially a system in which companies put a variety of ads out on various websites and databases.

Typically, these ads will link back to their site, a specific landing page or to a particular product. When an internet user clicks on one of the ads and is subsequently directed to that company’s page, that company pays a fee to the site hosting their ad.

While some firms still encourage their clients to advertise on specific sites or platforms, the majority of PPC advertising is now done on a search engine basis. And with 90% of the search engine market share, the vast majority of search engine advertising is done on Google.

Google has over 1.5 billion active users at any given time. This is, to put it mildly, is a pretty large potential audience. So, during search engine PPC, companies bid for ad placement on webspace and links owned by Google, Bing, etc. Once they do, they are put into a rotating queue of advertisers, each of whom has a chance of having their add displayed on when a user visits a site.

Every time the ad shows up and results in a click, it is recorded by the automated system. Once a certain amount of time passes, the advertising company pays an agreed-upon fee. However, with any luck, the click will result in something that outweighs that fee, such as a new customer, a new sale, etc. It might seem simple enough, but with so many companies competing for clicks, it takes a lot of expertise to truly stand out.

PPC Ad Management: The Basics

The goal of advertising hasn’t changed since it was invented: get the right message in front of the right people at the right time. Well, PPC advertising is no different, but with 1.5 billion potential customers all over the world, how do you find the right people at the right time? Moreover, how do you decide what constitutes the “right message?”

At Blurn, we’ve honed our PPC efforts to perfection. From researching the most effective keywords to organising those keywords into effective campaigns to setting up landing pages that maximise conversions – we can do it all.

You see, when you’re working with search engines like Google, it’s about more than just getting people to visit your page. Their algorithms actually reward you for creating successful campaigns by charging you less in the future! With our team in your corner, you’ll maximise your returns while minimising costs at the same time.

The process starts with the following steps:

Keyword Research – We perform extensive research to evaluate the best and most effective keywords for your campaign. We then put together relevant keyword lists, organise keyword groups and begin crafting advertising text based on this data.

Landing Page Optimisation – Getting the audience to click on an ad is only half the battle. You still need to ensure your landing page is ready to push them through the sales funnel. We make this part of our PPC campaign management, using calls-to-action and web design to ensure the audience keeps moving forward.

Quality Score – This is Google’s built-in rating system. It measures the relevance and quality of your keywords, campaigns and landing pages for you – the higher your Quality Score, the lower your PPC average in the future.

Quality Design – Display advertising on the internet is highly competitive. To get the best possible results, you need comprehensive, effective design suited to your specific audience.

The Keyword Connection

At Blurn, we know that the right keywords will make or break a successful PPC campaign. This is why our team always starts off by performing extensive keyword research to find the phrases and terms that best fit your product, service and brand. However, we also continue to grow and expand this keyword list throughout the process, refining your campaign’s effectiveness to ensure you’re getting the best possible results.

When developing a PPC keyword list, the most important things to consider are:

Relevance – Obviously, you don’t want to pay for users to click your website and just turn around and leave. You want to maximise your click-through rate by finding the most relevant keywords for your specific campaign.  

Rarity – The biggest problem with the most commonly-used search terms is just that – they’re common. So, in order to round out your PPC list with terms the competition might not have considered, we pay close attention to rarer, more specific keywords which are both less competitive and less expensive.

Persistence – PPC campaigns require constant monitoring and dedicated attention. This means paying attention to which keywords are working and which are not, so that your list becomes an ever-growing, ever more effective tool for success.

Our Management Strategy

The Blurn.com approach to all digital marketing, specifically PPC advertising, is to continually monitor, evaluate and refine our efforts throughout the campaign. Indeed, one of the major predictors of success is maintaining regular account activity and performing adjustments as needed. Best of all, as your dedicated PPC manager, we’ll consider all the following without the need for your input:

Additional Keywords – As we’ve mentioned, we can dramatically expand the reach of your PPC campaigns simply by continually adding newly-discovered, relevant keywords.

Splitting Ad Groups – By dividing your advertisements into smaller, more focused ad groups, we can better target specific audiences with more focused text and landing pages.

Negative Keywords – By included terms that don’t convert to your PPC database, we can better hone our efforts while reducing extraneous spending.

Landing Page Refinement – With our constant flow of data, we can better evaluate how your landing pages and calls-to-action are performing. Should they need adjustment to boost conversion rates, we can perform this mid-campaign as needed.

Keyword Evaluation – If we find you’re spending top dollar on keywords that aren’t converting, we can quickly exchange them for better, more cost-effective terms.

Review Costly PPC Keywords: Review expensive, under-performing keywords and shut them off if necessary.

Refine Landing Pages: Modify the content and calls-to-action (CTAs) of your landing pages to align with individual search queries in order to boost conversion rates. Don’t send all your traffic to the same page.    

What Makes Our Blurn.com Experience Different?

As we stated above, Digital Marketing has unfortunately evolved away from an industry in which the client’s needs come first. Too often, digital agencies are more concerned with awards and recognition than they are with giving their customers the sort of experience they deserve. However, at Blurn.com, we don’t fight for awards or recognition – just our clients’ profits.

With a comprehensive list of digital marketing, lead generation and design services, we have already helped countless start-ups, established businesses and major corporations dramatically improve their brand recognition, increase their sales numbers and maximise their profits. Best of all, we treat all of our clients with the same degree of importance, be they a Mom and Pop store running their first digital campaign or an international business improving their brand image.

When our clients come to us, we only ask that they arrive with a goal in mind. Once they communicate this to us, we will suggest the best combination of our available services to meet that goal. In fact, in many cases, we can help them exceed it. At Blurn, our success hinges on several factors:

When you operate in a digital medium, you have to be prepared for change. At the speed which technology moves, you can never stop investigating new techniques that might benefit your clients. At Blurn, we’ve assembles one of the best research and development teams in the industry, and they work tirelessly to ensure our clients get the best solutions available. If we can’t find a way to achieve a customer’s goal, our R&D team will be more than happy to invent one.

We’ve gone to great lengths to ensure that every single member of our team excels at their respective positions. However, as we mentioned above, things move fast in the digital world. That’s why we’ve also implemented a quality training program that keeps Blurn employees up-to-date on the latest, greatest marketing innovations out there.

Every Blurn employee, be they in our office or not, is united in their strict commitment to one goal: increasing client profits. When our customers talk about their results, they describe them in terms of increased revenue, new growth, and improved ROIs. This is the level of client satisfaction we strive for on a day-to-day basis.

How We Do It

In order to make our clients’ marketing goals a reality, we have harnessed a number of different elements. These are the cogs in the wheel that keeps Blurn rolling, and our customers coming back again and again. They include:

We’ve made a commitment to serving every client, regardless of their budget. To that point, we work with companies of all industries, backgrounds and sizes. After all, every business has a niche audience that’s just waiting to be found. At Blurn, we can help discover it.

We keep our clients informed of everything we’re doing for their business at all times. This means weekly calls, frequent emails and full-time access to a personalised account supervisor. One of the biggest components of this is our Bespoke Reporting, which combines data and results from all of our current campaigns into one easy-to-read chart.

Over the years we’ve been operating, we’ve established a number of mutually-beneficial relationships with vendors and service providers all over the world. Today, we can leverage these partnerships to pass a multitude of savings and benefits on to our clients.

Here's the Deal

Blurn stands for “Best Leverage Your Ultimate Returns Now.” This is more than just a name – it’s a motto. It’s also the advice we give every single client that comes to us seeking help. If you’re ready to maximise your ROI, get more leads, and grow your business’s digital footprint, contact a helpful team member today. At Blurn.com, we’re always there to help.


If lead generation is what your business needs, we strongly recommend Blurn.

– Chris Nelson-Smith
Head of Trading, Vantage FX


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Industry-leading Talent & Training

Our experts with a wealth of experience across industries are among the best in the world.



From the very beginning, we maintain an unblinking eye on your profitability and ensure that your return on investment is multiplied.

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We’re an Adwords Agency that Helps You


Get High-quality Leads: By applying the most cutting-edge proven methodologies.

Increase Share of Voice (SOV)

Increase Brand Share of Voice (SOV): By perfectly positioning your brand on Search landscape.

Save Significant Money

Save Significant Money: By continually optimising your campaigns at a micro level.

Manage Your Online Reputation

Integrate Paid Search: With other digital channels to ensure maximum performance.

Get Leads through Google Maps

Increase Cross Sell & Up Sell: By targeting the audience that would’ve otherwise been left out.

Our Adwords (SEM/PPC) Deliverables Include

Targeted SEO campaigns

Strategic Plan: We create a clear plan of action towards achieving each goal set.


Highly Targeted Campaigns: Our Adwords campaigns are designed for high precision targeting.

Free Training

Daily Optimisation: We optimise your campaigns, landing pages etc. non-stop for maximum results.

Free Anytime Consultation

Free Anytime Consultation: We’re happy to explain any part our Adwords strategy whenever you want.

Free Regular Reports

Free Regular Reports: We customise and break down our Adwords reports the way you want them.

Our Adwords (SEM/PPC) Innovations

High-Quality Link Earning

Exact Match Optimisation: Employing as many “exact match” keywords as needed to get the best for you.

Google Maps Optimisation

Retargeting Search (RLSA): To remarket precisely to those who are most likely to convert.


Drafts & Experiments: With an ongoing test-and-learn approach to ensure maximum profit for you.


Customer Match: To directly target your customers and potential customers.

Online Reputation Scoring

Automated Rules & Scripts: To ensure maximum reach at minimum cost across platforms.


100% Transparent, Trusted & Family-owned

As a family business that’s been thriving on trust for well over a decade, we treat our clients too as our extended family. So, also be prepared to face some blunt truth! Read More reasons why most successful companies trust us.


Lowest Price & Best Service Guaranteed

We guarantee the lowest price for the amount and quality of work we offer; or we will happily beat any quote you get by 20%! Whether your business is a multinational industry leader or a small start-up, we will give you utmost priority for the work we do for you.

Multiplying Your Profits: Our Unique 4-stage Adwords (SEM/PPC) Management

1. Opportunity Discovery & Research
We discover all that we can about your company, industry and growth opportunities on search. We study your competitors closely to learn what works best and make a list of actions.
2. Campaign Planning & Set-up
We set up micro-level campaigns (technically, keyword-based Adgroups) with as many “exact match” keywords as necessary to get the maximum return on your investment. We ensure that your landing pages are best suited to increase your ad-rank/quality score.
3. Optimisation & Monitoring
We optimise both, the campaigns (including but not limited to: ad text, extensions, manual bids, keyword variations, match types, demographic targeting, etc.) and landing pages (text, title tags, etc.) for maximum performance at the lowest cost.
4. Results & Insights
We gather and analyse data on a daily basis and draw insights from it for our internal strategic planning where we tweak the strategy if/where necessary to increase performance. We report back the results and insights exactly as you want.