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Businesses and individuals around the world are waking up to the fact that having a presence on mobile app stores can be wildly profitable and beneficial. If you want to take advantage of every possible revenue source for your business, then you should have some sort of presence on mobile app stores. 

While many people don’t realise it, app stores are some of the platforms that see the most interaction from consumers. Mobile phones are an everyday part of life at this point, and anyone that is looking to add to the functionality of their mobile device will go hunting on the app store from time to time. 

Whether you are in entertainment, news, lifestyle, shopping, or any other industry, we can help you and your business live up to their full potential on mobile app stores. With start-to-finish guidance supplied every step of the way, Blurn will be the most valuable business partner that you have. We’ll provide you with everything you need to establish and optimise your presence on mobile app stores. 

If you are looking to learn more about expanding and optimising your presence on mobile app stores, read along to learn more about what we offer, who we can help, and why you should choose Blurn if you are in need of mobile app store optimisation (ASO). 

Optimisation Factors

The first thing that you should know when it comes to mobile app store optimisation is that there are a variety of factors that go into optimising your app on mobile app stores. This is one of the reasons why it is so tough for people to optimise their presence on mobile app stores in the first place. Many people simply have a hard time organising everything that needs to be done  specifically for mobile app stores. This can leave many feeling discouraged. 

However, at Blurn, we feel a sense of dedication when it comes to educating our clients as to what will rank them higher in the app store. That’s because even though Blurn will be hard at work to optimise your app on the app store, there are still benefits in knowing how it is done, even if you don’t have the scale and size to do it all by yourself. 

With that being said, here are some of the main factors that are taken into account when trying to rank higher on mobile app stores. These are some of the areas that we will help you optimise when you work with Blurn on a mobile app store optimisation plan. 


There is perhaps no bigger ranking factor in mobile app stores than reviews. Mobile app stores are enthusiastic about providing the users of apps with a heavy influence in what ranks higher and lower in app stores. In addition, users that see that your mobile application has good reviews will be much more willing to click that download button. However, when it comes to reviews, you might be perplexed about how much control you can really have over the reviews that your application gets. 

Well, as it turns out, you can have quite a heavy impact on the reviews that your mobile application gets. However, you must take the right approach. Sometimes, that means partnering with an experienced agency such as Blurn, that has done it all before and has the knowledge necessary to guide you through the process of curating great reviews in the mobile app store and ensuring that you can maintain the reputation of your mobile application on  these mobile app stores. 


You might look at the description of your mobile app in the app store as something that is arbitrary and optional, but that is far from being the case. In fact, the description of your mobile app in the app store is critically important, not only from a user interface standpoint, but also from an SEO standpoint. When users come across your app in the store, they want to be able to see all the relevant information available on the app. They also want to be captivated and provided with reliable info on what the app has to offer. All of this will be contained within the description content that is provided for your application. 

In addition, the description is very important when it comes to search. When users search for terms that are relevant to your application, you want your application to come up high in the search results to increase organic search and downloads. With Blurn as a partner, you’ll be empowered to not only create descriptions that are persuasive and informative, but also optimised for the search queries that your ideal customers are most likely to search for. 


Almost everyone that downloads a mobile application will want some sort of preview when it comes to how the app will look, function, and operate. You can provide your customers with an idea of these factors within the images that you include in your listing. Poor images or no images at all could lead a customer to quickly abandon the idea of downloading your app and instead opt for an application that features high-quality images that tell a story of what they can expect when they download an application onto their mobile device. 

At Blurn, we are experts at creating content that is persuasive and provides value to the user. What this means for you is that customers will be more likely to download your application because they will get to see what it looks like beforehand. Without this insight, you could face a slow-growing application with a low conversion rate. 


When we talk about content for mobile applications, we mean more than just bullet points for features and a description. The title of your application in the app store is a crucial part of what your app has to offer from a content standpoint in the eyes of the customer. They want to see all the relevant information in the title. What the app does, who it is published by, and other information. While all this is true, it’s also important to ensure that this does not sacrifice the branding of the application, which is better when succinct. 

When you work with Blurn, we will help to achieve balance in these two factors. We will help craft a title that is not only captivating and informative but also succinct and brandable. We’ll also optimise your title for keywords and search terms that are commonly used when searching for apps such as yours. 


One of the main ranking factors in the app store is how often your app is downloaded and who is downloading your app. It’s also important to know that the app store takes into account what actions users are taking before and after they download your app. The goal of this, from the app store’s standpoint, is to rank apps higher that provide real value to the users and apps that are showing to be downloaded at a high rate by their target users. 

You may be thinking: how could you possibly have any control over this? It seems like a tough thing to optimise for. And you’d be right–but only if you’re not working with an expert that specialises in helping people excel on the app store. At Blurn, we gather information that empowers you and your organisation to understand the data behind downloads and optimise your application and its app store listing to utilise that data. This results in a higher rate of download and longer installation time. 

Who Can Mobile App Store Optimisation Help?

One of the most common mistakes that businesses and organisations make is not being open-minded and innovative enough to explore every possible avenue of revenue for their business. For businesses and organisations around the world, having a presence on the app store is a crucial part of their business and branding. 

With that being said, almost every organisation and business should at least explore what value they have to offer to users on the app store. It would be business malpractice to not capitalise on a platform that nearly every adult in the world has access to and utilises regularly. Even if you don’t yet know how the app store can help your business, you should speak with Blurn to get an idea of how we can capitalise on a presence on the app store: 

Here are some of the types of businesses/organisations that can benefit from having an app on the app store:


Local Businesses

As a local business, you know that one of the best things that you can do is keep your customers in the loop when it comes to sales, price cuts, promotions, and other information that they need to know. One of the easiest ways to do this is to introduce an app for your business to the app store. Not only can this notify customers when there is a deal that they will want to know about, but it will also build brand loyalty and put your company on the device that they use every day. It is hard to overstate how important local interactions are for building and maintaining your business. 

Ecommerce Companies

Online shopping may have started out on a desktop, but it has since migrated to mobile. It’s important to have a presence on desktop devices and have a good ecommerce website, but many young people now shop almost exclusively on their mobile device. If you want to grow and maintain your e-commerce business, you will need to be willing to have a mobile app dedicated to a shopping experience. We can help you create an application that is not only functional, but optimised for shopping behaviours to generate even more sales and reinforce brand loyalty. 

Software Companies

Everyone wants to be able to use their favourite software on their mobile devices these days, but that can sometimes be a challenge for companies, especially those that have dedicated themselves to the desktop or laptop experience. At Blurn, we can help guide you through the process of offering your software to customers that want to use it on their mobile device and help optimise your app store listing to encourage growth, as well. 

Large Enterprises

If you’re a large enterprise dealing with a high volume of customers, you need to be able to cater to them on every platform. It is shown that users value cross-compatibility and multi-platform experiences. When you are able to provide your goods and services to users and clients, you are sure to grow at a faster rate and have better user retention. 

For large enterprises and companies, the work of getting a mobile app store listing up and running is sometimes better left to be outsourced. While you can be confident that you can render the products and services that you are advertising to your customers, the growth of your mobile app marketplace presence is sometimes better left to those that understand how to grow a mobile app on the large marketplaces. At Blurn, we can help you achieve just that. 

Solo App Builders

For skilled app builders that have talent and want to bring their ideas to the world, utility and functionality is not lacking. However, you might want to be more focused on the development aspect of building and releasing an app. When you work with Blurn, you will be much more empowered to do so. Working with Blurn will mean that you will be able to focus more of your energy on building your application instead of having to worry about marketing the app and growing your user base. We will help take your mind off that task and grow your user base so that you don’t have to worry about what you aren’t passionate about. 

What Comes Next?

Are you ready to explore what is possible when you use mobile app stores to their full potential? If so, get in touch with the experts at Blurn today. At Blurn, we pride ourselves on not only offering high-quality, trusted services to our clients, but also providing them with knowledge and guidance that they will need to have sustained success when it comes to mobile app store optimisation.

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