Welcome to Blurn.com: Best Digital Marketing Agency in Melbourne, Australia

Welcome to Blurn.com: Best Digital Marketing Agency in Melbourne, Australia

Digital marketing is absolutely the wave of the future. If you’re not using it, you’re already behind the curve and could be missing out on a whole lot of business. In fact, if you’re not using it you may not realise just how much you’re actually hurting yourself and your customers too. After all, if you’re not marketing the right way, then some customers aren’t going to find you, even though they might want to.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is all about things that happen online. It could be a website, advertising or social media. In fact, you should be using all of these things in order to get the most out of digital marketing and make sure you’re getting as many customers and business as you possibly can. But just what is digital marketing for each area?

Website – Your website is an important part of your online presence and it’s a part you may be overlooking. Now, you can set up a website in a matter of minutes that lets people know you exist and perhaps says where you are and how to contact you. But that kind of website is only going to do so much when it comes to getting the attention you’re looking for.


A high quality website is going to get you a lot more attention and it’s going to make it even easier for you to get the customers you’re looking for. When we talk about a high-quality website, we’re talking about something that looks great and showcases your business in the best possible light.

Advertising – General advertising consists of things like the ads you see when you’re scrolling through Facebook, your favourite website or when you’re watching videos on YouTube. These are specifically designed to advertise your product or service and they’re meant to persuade the viewer to take some form of action.

These types of ads are actually extremely important. A basic ad could get someone to take a second look, but a higher class ad or one that’s specially designed to target a specific action or type of person is going to give you a much bigger return on your investment, which is the whole point.

Social Media – If you don’t have social media accounts on at least Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, then you’re definitely doing yourself a disservice. And you’re doing a major disservice to the people who might be interested in your product because they’re checking for it on social media.

If you have an account with these platforms and other platforms, you’re going to set yourself up for even better success and more attention. You’ll be more likely to be seen by additional customers and more likely to get their business and recommendation.

Addressing All Your Melbourne Digital Marketing Needs

Do you need someone to create digital marketing for you? Well, if you do then you probably want to know more about the different services and options you’re going to get for your money, right? Touted as the best digital marketing company in Melbourne, Blurn can provide you with everything you need and then some.

The first thing you’re going to need with any type of marketing is a great experience. You want to make sure everyone who sees your content or your ads is going to be interested and is going to want to look closer. You want them to engage and to feel like they want to find out more about your business and more.

We provide a stunning experience by creating something that is customised to your business and your clients. We want to make sure that everything we do for your digital ad is going to improve your image and make it even stronger in the eyes of your customers.

You need your business to get attention and that means you need to have great SEO. But getting great SEO means you need to do a lot of research in order to get all of the right information. You need to know what kind of SEO is ranking and what kind of words and tips you should be using to get the right rankings. Or you can hire us to take care of it for you.

We can get you the top rankings for SEO because we do the research for you. We can check out your industry and see just what it is you need in order to rank higher on the search engine results. Then, we use that information to create all of the content.

You need your customers and potential customers to be interested in you. And you definitely want to make sure you can keep them coming back. That’s where engagement is going to matter and we’re going to help you get the engagement level you need. That way, your customers are going to visit your page and they’re going to stay there.

As Melbourne’s best digital marketing company, we’ll take a look at what you have to offer and what makes you unique. Then, we’ll provide you with digital advertising that gets people to interact with those aspects that make you special. We’ll make sure they want to know more at every turn, so you don’t have to.

You don’t want to spend a lot when it comes to your marketing and advertising, but you still want to make sure you’re getting the best possible return. So, how do you do that? You work with a company that’s going to give you the best of both worlds. We can offer you great cost savings and also provide great quality for the price you pay.

We provide cost savings by giving you lower prices than our competitors. In fact, we’ll beat any lower quote you get by 20%. And we’ll still give you all of the same services you’re looking for and that you expect to receive from a Melbourne digital marketing agency.

You need to make sure you are getting new customers because that’s how you’re really going to get a return on investment. So, how do you get great conversion? You work with a company that knows what they’re doing. We can create the kind of content you need to get people buying directly from you instead of your competitors.

We do all the research to find out what kind of information and advertising actually converts potential customers into paying customers. And we optimise everything that we do so that we capitalise on those features. You’ll be ready to go in no time with all of these options.

Facets of Blurn’s Melbourne Digital Marketing Services

Blurn can offer you a number of different features to go along with each of these different topics. You’ll receive great quality services and you’re going to have no problem attracting all the attention and customers that you’re looking for. Blurn can offer you everything you need and your customers expect.

High Quality Designs – We make sure that every design we create is high quality and reflects exactly what you would expect for your business. We know it takes something special to get people to stop and pay attention, and that’s exactly what we’re going to provide for you. All you have to do is trust us to get it done.

High Quality Marketing – Once we’ve created your entire design and have everything working, it’s time to start the marketing process. Well, that’s not a problem either. We have a system of marketing that will take care of everything for you and get your business and your ads out to the right people.

Customised Systems – Even though we have experience with certain methods and we know what works, we’re always looking for new ways and opportunities. And we customise absolutely everything to make sure it’s going to work for your type of business. Nothing is done exactly the same from one business to the next.

Expertise – We’ve been in this business for a long time and that means we know what we’re doing when it comes to marketing and designing digital advertising. You can trust us to know how to get started, what questions to ask and more so that the design you end up with is tailored to your business and your customers.

Continuous Training – We don’t believe there’s such thing as knowing everything. That’s why we make sure our entire team is always training and learning new things about marketing and digital marketing in particular. We want to be sure that if something new comes out we can offer it to you.

Specialised Offerings

But you can expect to get all of this from any digital marketing agency, right? You would expect they’re going to provide you with expertise and high-quality services. But what is going to really set Blurn apart from the rest? What is it about Blurn that is going to make an even bigger difference for you and your business?

–   Profit-Focus
–   Unmatched R&D
–   Industry-Leading Talent

Profit-focus – When it comes to your business you want to make sure you’re bringing in revenue and you want to bring in that revenue as quickly as possible. So, how do you make sure you’re getting the best and fastest return on investment? You’re going to work with a company that has the same goal.

At Blurn we know how important making money is and we want to help you achieve that goal in no time at all. All you have to do is let us get started and before you know it, you’re going to have everything you expect, including the revenue changes.

Unmatched R&D – When it comes to research and development we know what it takes to get your business up and running. We make sure we’re always looking for new types of research and new developments in any industry. And then we apply that to your company.

All you have to do is give us a chance to look into your company and the market sector you’re in. We’ll also look at web design and development in general and see what the latest trends and options are. That way, we can put everything into play for you.

Industry-Leading Talent – We hire only the best people at Blurn because we know those are the type of people we would want working for our company. We don’t want to hire subpar talent and train them to be great. We want to hire the best and train them to be spectacular because that’s what you should be getting.

Our team is handpicked from the best resources around the world. And we provide the absolute best training we can find to make sure they remain the best in the world. All you have to do is give us a shot and you’ll see why we can offer you top-of-the-line service.

Wrapping it Up

When it comes down to it, digital marketing is what will make or break your business. If you’re not getting your name out there and doing everything you can to market yourself to anyone who might be interested, you will have a lot of trouble attracting business later on. All you have to do is call Blurn, the best digital marketing company in Melbourne and all of Australia, to get yourself started. If you are in Melbourne, just give us a call and we’ll directly meet you.

What Our Clients Say About us

If lead generation is what your business needs, we strongly recommend Blurn.

– Chris Nelson-Smith
Head of Trading, Vantage FX


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3 Simple Reasons Why We’re The Best Digital Marketing Consultants:


Unmatched R&D

Our consultants fully dedicated to understanding and best leveraging the emerging digital technologies for you.


Industry-leading Talent & Training

Our consultants are among the most talented people with world-leading training in digital.



From the very start to finish, our consultants ensure and ring-fence your profitability. They measure and report your success with full transparency.

Do you need a Digital Marketing Consultant to help maximise your profits? Give our Senior Director a quick call for a no-obligation chat.

Our Digital Marketing Consultants Help You


Get High-quality Leads: By leading you through the unknown areas of lucrative digital.

Increase Share of Voice (SOV)

Increase Brand Share of Voice (SOV): By helping you position your brand exactly right.

Save Significant Money

Save Significant Money: By cutting costs significantly on all areas of digital marketing.

Manage Your Online Reputation

Manage Your Online Reputation: To ensure that people see only the appropriate things about you.

Get Leads through Google Maps

Increase Cross Sell & Up Sell: By implementing cutting-edge Marketing Automation on your CRM.

Our Digital Consultation Deliverables Include

Targeted SEO campaigns

Strategic Training: We provide the necessary training for you to fully understand the digital space.


Targeted Campaign Training: We train you on what you must do to achieve maximum profit.

Free Training

Daily Optimisation Training: We train you on various Daily tasks and monitoring results.

Free Anytime Consultation

Free Anytime Consultation: We’re happy to consult any time you need, by phone or email.

Free Regular Reports

Free Regular Reports: We take you through reports and break things down, so you best understand.

Our Digital Marketing Consultants’ Innovations

High-Quality Link Earning

Omni-channel Marketing: We ensure that your target audience have a unified experience.

Google Maps Optimisation

Attribution Modelling: We will demonstrate the value of each digital channel clearly.


Personalisation: We will ensure that your target market receives a personalised digital experience.


Local & Internationalisation: We will precisely target your target market at home and abroad.

Online Reputation Scoring

Online Reputation Scoring: We’ll quantify how positive the information is about you online.


100% Transparent, Trusted & Family-owned

As a family business that’s been thriving on trust for well over a decade, we treat our clients too as our extended family. So, also be prepared to face some blunt truth! Read More reasons why most successful companies trust us.


Lowest Price & Best Service Guaranteed

We guarantee the lowest price for the amount and quality of work we offer; or we will happily beat any quote you get by 20%! Whether your business is a multinational industry leader or a small start-up, we will give you utmost priority for the work we do for you.

Multiplying Your Profits: Our Unique 4-stage Digital Marketing Consultation

1. Discovery & Research
We research your industry and study your competitors and then provide you with clear insights into what your digital landscape is like. We also identify the best opportunities for growth in the digital space and take you through it.
2. Planning & Set-up
We tell you exactly how to plan each channel and set up each campaign for maximum performance, whether you are after lead generation, online sales, brand building or some combination of these three.
3. Optimisation & Monitoring
We provide consultation on how exactly to optimise each campaign and monitor its results. We train you specifically on what metric to look into and how often. We also give you a list of items to look out for, while optimising.
4. Results & Insights
We consult on how to collect data, interpret it and draw actionable insights that you can use in the following rounds of optimisation. We take you through the results and break them down for you to understand both strategically and technically.

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