Over 173% Digital & 256% SEO Annual Lead Growth for Vantage FX

173% +

More Digital Leads in 12 Months

256% +

More SEO Leads in 12 Months

1st Google Rank

For Lucrative Keywords in 12 Months


Foreign Exchange trading is one of the most competitive industries on the web for lead generation. Vantage FX is a leading Foreign Exchange trading firm, headquartered in Sydney, Australia.


To grow the business, Vantage FX wanted good leads, as many as possible, as quickly as possible, and as economically as possible.

Initial Work Timeline

Months 1 to 6: On-page & Off-page SEO, Paid Search And Retargeting Set-up
Months 7 - 9: SEO Scale-up & Omni-channel Integration
Months 10 - 12: Omni-channel Optimisation

Our Cutting-edge Innovations for the Project

Behavioural Retargeting
SEO-Paid Search Integration
High-quality Link Earning
Google Maps Optimisation
Online Reputation Management

Our Top 5 Projects That Achieved These Results

Omnichannel Digital Acquisition Strategy: Overall planning and execution of digital marketing based on quarterly budgets.
On-page SEO All infrastructural and content-related aspects of SEO and website for multiple regions.
Off-page SEO High-quality link earning.
Paid Search Precisely targeted international paid search campaigns across Google and Bing.
Display Marketing Programmatic Real-time Bidding on both direct and open auction platforms.
Retargeting Behavioural and Cross-device Retargeting using Display and Video media.
Social Media Targeted organic & paid social campaigns.
Marketing Automation Employed Marketo, set up and managed end-to-end behavioural marketing automation campaigns, mainly through Email and SMS media.
User Experience & Conversion Optimisation Strategised web & app user journeys and landing pages for conversion improvement.
Digital Marketing Recruitment Headhunted and trained industry-leading talent.

Client Feedback

Blurn increased our leads by over 173% in the first year. That’s massive in the Forex game! We’re delighted to continue to work with Blurn as they have more than delivered on their promise… If lead generation is what you business needs, we strongly recommend Blurn.


—  Chris Nelson-Smith
      Head of Trading, Vantage FX